Brabus Shadow 900 XC is the ultimate SUV of the sea

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Brabus Shadow 900 XC

Brabus Shadow 900 XC

Brabus Shadow 900 XCBrabus Shadow 900 XC can go at 55 knots wherever and whenever you want, even in winter for Mediterranean yachtsmen. Do you know the Mercedes G-class? This boat has what it takes to be its marine version. We will see this boat debut at the next Düsseldorf boat show, from 23 to 31 January. 

Brabus Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin: the ultimate SUV of the sea

The Brabus Shadow 900 range in 2020 won the Red Dot Award, one of the most important awards in design. In this result, there is also the work of the man who, without the limelight, is revolutionizing the boating industry: Jan-Erik Viitala, creative and innovation director of Brabus Marine. About him, co-founder of the Axopar brand, you can find an interview in Motorboats by Barche a Motore N. 15.

Back to the new Brabus Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin. This boat embodies the essence of the Sun-Top and Spyder versions of the new Brabus Shadow 900, launched earlier this year (Brabus Shadow 900 Video). A complete cross-over, combining luxury with extreme performance in an all-season boat.

Brabus Shadow 900 XC salone

The comparison made at the beginning with the Mercedes G-Class is not accidental. This boat is a real SUV of the sea where the available space and the functionality of interior and exterior are combined with remarkable performance (maximum speed of over 55 knots). In this way you go very fast, always being comfortable.

Brabus Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin: layout

Outdoor space despite the closed cabin/salon, wide walkways, and the versatility of a walk-around. Below deck a closed and sheltered cabin to navigate even in bad weather. In this way, the cabin boat, the “cruiser”, becomes truly sporty. And then, in line with the Brabus philosophy, a boat of this type is immediately recognizable.

Engine: Brabus Shadow 900 XC

With a combined power of 900 horsepower from two 450-horsepower Mercury Racing outboard engines, this new Brabus Shadow achieves top performance. The estimated top speed will be over 55 knots, with a cruising speed of up to 40 knots.

A tailor-made package for the owner on the new Shadow 900 Brabus

The owner, depending on the use he wants to make of it, will be able to choose between several options among which. The choice is between impressive cargo capacity by the new multi-storage package for the storage of your adventure equipment and outdoors-lifestyle gear or the aft cabin with ‘queen size’ sleeping accommodation. Brabus 900 XC is available with an extensive wet bar and refrigerator setup or the usable aft bench module.

Brabus Shadow 900 XC Black Ops Limited Edition ‘1 of 37’.

Streamlined and distinctive appearance and luxurious from the inside out, there will be just 37 examples of the Black Ops Limited Edition versions available, the very pinnacle of the BRABUS Shadow 900 range with their dark gunmetal grey livery and vibrant red upholstery, forms part of an exclusive launch edition, collector’s series, that traditionally forms part of the joy and celebration of bringing every new BRABUS Marine product to market.

The world premiere will be at the Düsseldorf Boat Show 2021 (23-31 January 2021).


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