Cap Camarat 10.5 CC is the (fast) family cabin boat under 10 m – TEST


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Cap Camarat 10.5 CC test

Sporty open performance, cruiser soul, but also ready for fishing: the latest addition to Jeanneau is a cross-cutting boat. Suitable for a family as a weekender or for a group of friends fishing, here is how it performed in our test.

We talk about:

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.55 CC – Video walktrough

We went to Jeanneau’s sea trials in Cannes to test the new Cap Camarat 10.5 CC that the shipyard has launched for 2023. A boat, watercraft, that has the versatility typical of Cap boats: designed for fishing, somewhat open, but also weekender with the possibility of using its interior. Much attention has also been given to the powertrain aspect given the 850 horsepower divided over two 425 hp Yamaha V8 XTO outboard engines.

See our evidence here:


Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.55 CC – Blanket

The design of the Cap Camarat 10.5 CC bears a triple signature: the Jeanneau engineering firm, Sarrazin Design and Michael Peters. From this trio’s work comes a 10-meter open that has practically a double cockpit on deck: the classic one aft, with an L-shaped sofa, which can also be used as a fishing area and can be customized with options for this purpose. The other cockpit is in the bow and is exquisitely “social.” Here we find a sofa and table, which become a unique sunbathing area when needed. Between the two cockpits is the control console, equipped with a T-Top, from which the interior cabin is also accessed.

Cap Camarat 10.5 CC

The console is positioned slightly asymmetrically in favor of the starboard edge, because both the entrance to the interior and the sea access hatch are located on the left. The area of the boat on which most of the shipboard “viability” will be concentrated is the port broadside, which is why the bow-stern corridor on that side is a few inches wider.



It is precisely the side access door to the sea that is one of the strengths of this layout, providing maximum convenience when boarding from a summer swim.

The interior offers a total of 4 beds for two cabins and a bathroom with separate shower. We will certainly not find the volumes of a real cruiser, but those of a fast boat that can also be used, when in use, to spend a weekend at anchor or sleeping in a marina.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.55 CC – Motorization and sea trial

The practice day in Cannes was characterized by a short “chop” around 50-80 cm high set off by a wind between 10 and 12 knots. Interesting conditions to experience Cap Camarat in a typical situation even during summer outings. The two
Yamaha XTOs of 425 hp
each are one of the strengths of this boat, which, as a quiet family open, when the horses start to “push” shows performance worthy of a sportier boat.

As soon as we leave the Old Port of Cannes we gradually begin to taste the thrust of the 850 HP in search of the glide point, which we find just before after 3000 rpm and around 15 knots of speed, with about 80 l/h of fuel consumption. In this first phase of testing, we took note of the boat’s numbers by sailing with wave and crosswind so that they would not affect our feedback too much.

Once the boat pulls out of the water every slight increase in engine thrust turns into an exponential increase in speed. At 4000 rpm the 10.5 CC cruises at 28 knots with 110 l/h consumption. Cruising speed, which we evaluate according to the level of “comfort” on board, not forgetting that this is a boat also intended for families, can be placed between 3700 and 4000 rpm, approximately between 24 and 28 knots, with consumption between 85 and 110 l/h.

At this speed, the guests on board are not affected by the speed and movement of the boat, and the noise level of the engines is not excessive.

The Cap Camarat 10.5 CC with this motorization has a not inconsiderable reserve of power that can come in handy. Pushing up to 5000 rpm we touch 45 knots of speed, with consumption settling at 280 l/h. This is also thanks to the automatic trim system, which can be used in manual, and which rather efficiently adjusts the engine with respect to the swell and the tilt on the fore-aft axis of the boat.

Against sea and wind speeds drop physiologically, but not sharply, but up to 30 knots the passage over the Cap Camarat wave remains quite comfortable and smooth. Good turning ability even at tight angles, with the boat remaining steerable at all times without difficulty and responding well to rudder inputs.


All in all, the 10.5 CC is a vehicle that we could almost call “chameleon-like,” a design with many souls that winks at various types of boaters while keeping family use as its main focus. With the right optionals it can be a perfect fishing boat, with interiors that can come in handy during a few days’ fishing trip or, why not, for a relaxing summer weekend. And when there is a goal to be reached quickly the two 425-hp Yamahas certainly don’t back down, aided by an overall well-balanced fairing.

Come on board with us and see what it’s like:

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.55 CC – Data Sheet and Price

Length Over All (LOA) 10.09 m
Length at Waterline 9.31 m
Baglio Massimo 3.25 m
Fishing 1.12
Displacement (without engines) 4,582 kg
Standard Motorization 2×425 hp
Fuel tank 2×400 l
Tip Speed 43 knots*
Sleeping places 2+2
Bathroom 1
Categoria CE: B – 9 / C – 11
Designers: Michael Peters Yacht Design / Sarrazin Design / Jeanneau
Base price (without motors): 150,000 € without VAT
*in our test

Navigation board: The Motor Boats test

RPM Speed (knots) Consumption lt/h
600 2.7 7.3
1000 4.5 13.5
1500 6.6 20.7
2000 8.3 31.5
2500 9.3 50.4
3000 13 71
3500 22.5 87
4000 28.3 110
4500 33 148
5000 43 280



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