Capelli BR 65, here it comes the bow rider rib

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Capelli BR 65, il rib bowrider

Capelli BR 65, the bowrider rib

The Capelli BR65 bowrider rib configuration is unusual. In fact, it marries two apparently distant types of vessels. The rubber dinghy, a typical Mediterranean boat, loved by those who want to spend the day outdoors, and the motorboat with a second cockpit in the bow. A solution that was born for North European or American boaters, basic for cooler climates, but that for the recent years has also excited the markets of lower latitudes. On the other hand, however, the cantiere Capelli has accustomed us to means that go against what is expected, such as the Tempest 50 with 1700 horses.


Hair BR 65 the first bowrider rib.

The bow rider rib: Capelli BR 65

The bowrider offers a convivial area, a sort of sitting place, where there is normally a sunbathing area. In addition, it protects the driving area and the entire cockpit with a windscreen that goes all the way to the stern couch. The central section can be opened to reach the front area. The Capelli BR 65 is so designed to undermine the convection of many Nordic enthusiasts that the dinghy is a means exclusively for hot climates because basically too wet on deck. The Mediterranean soul remains, however, because as you can see the bow seats are actually chaiselongue perfect to lay on the sun.

Capelli BR65
Loa: 6.50 m; B.max: 2.58 m; Max engine power: 200 hp; Top speed: nd-

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