TEST – Capelli Tempest 1000 with new Yamaha V6 outboards (2 x 300hp)


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Hair Tempest 1000
Hair Tempest 1000 – These Yamaha outboards when maneuvering with a joystick or for example with autopilot “staypoint” move to allow the vehicle to follow the joystick indications

After the launch of the revolutionary Helm Master, Yamaha Marine is aiming to further strengthen the mid-range segment with three new outboards coming in 2021. We’re talking about Yamaha’s Premium V6 range formed by the F300, F250, and the F225 already available on the market and sharing the DNA of the XTO range, Yamaha’s top-of-the-line engines that are part of the Premium range. We had the opportunity to test them on a large fleet of boats in Mandelieu, France, including the Capelli Tempest 1000 that we’re telling you about today with a pair of Yamaha Premium V6s of 300 horsepower each.

Capelli Tempest 1000 with the new Yamaha V6 outboard 300 horsepower

The flagship of Capelli’s Top Line range, this inflatable boat immediately appears as a model with a sporty yet comfortable feel, ideal for days at sea. The equipment includes a U-shaped seat with a central table in the stern and a large sundeck in the bow to enjoy the sea with friends and family.

Aboard with us at Mandelieu, we had one of the gurus of Yamaha engines in Italy and beyond, Ernesto Chiesa, aftersales and service manager of the Japanese company who explained in detail how these new hi-tech Yamaha engines work.

The engine has a 24-valve DOHC system and is equipped with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) as well as a VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) system. In terms of feeling on the wheelhouse, you can feel that the boat receives a powerful and fluid thrust from the outboards at the stern, but always in control. This “immediacy” and ease of control are guaranteed by the accelerator and electronic gearbox “drive by wire”.

Basically, this digital electric steering greatly simplifies the setup. This is because there are no hydraulic systems or cables and you have a freer stern without pumps or hoses. In addition, engines with a drive-by-wire system can be equipped with the new Helm Master EX system.

Helm Master Yamaha on Capelli Tempest 1000

Ideal for fishing, but not limited to it, Yamaha’s Helm Master first and foremost includes a small panel on the console, a direction sensor under the console, an accurate GPS antenna, and a control unit.

In particular, the autopilot has several interesting declinations:

  • Autopilot Track Point that, once positioned the waypoints on our chart plotter, allows to reach the destination with “automatic” turns in the predetermined points.
  • Autopilot Stay Point: once the point is selected these Yamaha outboards work automatically to keep the position.
  • Autopilot Course Hold: For long-distance offshore travel, Course Hold allows you to hold the right course to reach your destination. You can also fine-tune the trip, adjusting from 1 to 5 degrees using the left and right arrow buttons on the switch case.

In our test, we tried both the “stay point” and the “track point”. In particular, the latter, marking points on the map allowed us to navigate without practically touching the rudder. The turns, even if tight, are made independently by the boat. In any case, even more so when this function is active, it is necessary that there is someone who controls the route and the boats around.

Hair Tempest 1000 – Performance

As we said before the Yamaha motorization on this boat is given by a pair of Yamaha Premium V6 300 horsepower. A lot of thrust and torque on board this dinghy that in just 7 seconds is able to reach 30 knots of speed. The top speed we reached was about 52 knots with flat water conditions.

RPM Knots Fuel (Nm/l)
700 3.2 0.6
1000 5.0 0.5
1500 7 0.4
2000 11 0.4
2500 15 0.5
3000 22.5 0.5
3500 30 0.4
4000 34 0.4
4500 39 0.3
5000 42 0.3
5500 46 0.2
5900 52 0.3

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