We tested the Capelli Tempest 38 with two Yamaha F375 XTO


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Do you know when they say: “oh, this is a boat I liked!”? Here, the Capelli Tempest 38 is one of those. With a couple of hours at sea it has created its own space in my memory, which is now mega available to add more non-essential information.

Beyond the hardware problems of the writer, the smallest Luxury Line rib produced by the shipyard Capelli, tested at the end of last autumn in the waters of Andora (Sv) with the new propulsive configuration is really a means with which, above all, it is pleasant to sail. Which is no small thing if you take into account that it is a boat.

The small of the Luxury Line range

capelli-tempest 38-yamaha-f375-xto_When we talk about boats, in fact, the first consideration that manifests itself is the aesthetic one, the most immediately evident. In this case the Tempest 38 is perfectly in line with the other models of the most prestigious range (if only for the name chosen: Luxury Line) produced by Spinadesco (Cr). So all those aesthetic-functional elements remain, with what “the studied” call stylemes, characteristic of the other models of this range: from the flagship Tempest 50, to Tempest 44 and 40.

In short, on a scale appropriate to the size, there are the large forward sun pad, here about 4.20 square meters, finished by the padded backrest recessed directly into the forward drop of the console tube with elongated eyes; the stand up kitchen-guide protected by a hard top light to the eye and visually connected to the design of the curved windshield; the cockpit with a C-shaped sofa that surrounds the dining table hydraulically folding to transform it into a sunbathing area that reaches a total area of 2.5 square meters. At the far stern there is a relax-tanning area that overlooks the platform surrounding the two engines, covered like the rest of the tramples, in synthetic teak. There is also the internal dinette cabin, which reaches a maximum height of one meter and 80 centimeters, with separate bathroom.

Capelli Tempest 38 with the new Yamaha F375 XTO

capelli-tempest 38-yamaha-f375-xto_The test therefore more than on the aesthetics and functional appearance of the boat as a means of experiencing the sea was carried out on the motor hull coupling.

Like a dogma, for Capelli the propulsion is outboard and Yamaha. So so far nothing new. What has been modified is the type of engine installed. Instead of the torque of F350 (no longer in production) during the the Ligurian test day we have exploited the recent F375 XTO, presented at the last show in Genoa. These are two 5.6-litre V8s derived from the now famous Yamaha 425 XTO, depowered by 50 horsepower. And the latter takes advantage of the direct injection fuel supply system and the fully integrated electric steering system.

The result has been excellent, and here we refer back to the considerations expressed at the beginning of the piece. The Capelli Tempest 38 is a pleasure to wear. In spite of the expired wave present, between 60 centimetres and one metre, we sailed without any kind of annoyance for the helmsman or the other guests on board with the sea perfectly in the bow up to around 30 knots. A respectable cruising speed, supported by an extreme pleasantness of proceeding. The narrow beam makes it easier in this, although it makes it a little more sensitive to the cross sea, of course.

A flawless navigation

capelli-tempest 38-yamaha-f375-xto_In order to push the throttle all the way to the end we chose to keep the sea in the stern, thus reaching over 44 knots at 5200 rpm, but with these conditions it was not possible to go further, even if there would be at least another 500 rpm to exploit. But it is the way the combination of hull and engine at fast cruising speeds has behaved that has given the Tempest 38 a special place among the boats tested in the last year.

In the marine conditions indicated above, sailing even with sea perfectly in the bow, the inconvenience of staying on board non-existent for all the people embarked. A condition, it seems obvious, that already justifies the choice of the boat. In addition, 2.5 seconds to enter the glide and 16 seconds to reach maximum speed say a lot about the reactivity of the boat. Also with regard to the complex propulsion, steering, the presence of the joystick and autotrim, all integrated into the Helm Master system of Yamaha, makes life easier for the helmsman in all circumstances, from manoeuvring in port to sailing at full speed.

If we add other fundamental elements, such as the construction quality and structural longevity of Capelli’s products and the appreciation for the aesthetics (which that, personal thing, is), I don’t think there is any need to look for another 38 footer as your ideal rib.

Performance and technical data: Capelli Tempest 38

Technical data

Length f.t.: 11.97 m

Width f.t.: 3.54 m

Empty mass: approx. 3,400 kg

People capacity: 18

Engines: Yamaha F375 XTO

Max motorization: 850 HP

EC type approval: B

Tubular: Neoprene – Hypalon Orca 1670 dtex

Tubular diameter: 0.70 m max.

capelli-tempest 38-yamaha-f375-xto_


Giri Speed (nodes) Total consumption (l/h) Total consumption (l/m) Autonomy (m)
600 3.20 7.30 2.28 289.32
1000 6.10 14.80 2.43 272.03
1500 9.20 20.50 2.23 296.20
2000 12.10 31.10 2.57 256.78
2500 17.90 43.60 2.44 270.96
3000 24.30 61.70 2.54 259.94
3500 28.70 87.00 3.03 217.72
4000 32.80 118.00 3.60 183.46
4500 37.00 197.00 5.32 123.96
5000 41.50 207.00 4.99 132.32
5200 44.50 223.00 5.01 131.70



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