Capelli Tempest 900 WA, the boat that wants to be the boat


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Hair Tempest 900 WA

The Capelli Tempest 900 is one of the Spinadesco shipyard’s best sellers. A measure that successfully bridges the gap between the boat and watercraft worlds by condensing the benefits of both categories: greater bureaucratic agility on the one hand and large enough dimensions to be able to have a medium that also gives you a way to Spend a weekend sailing or otherwise cruising. Such is the dimensional success, therefore, that he thought of declining his nine-meter in two versions:

  • The Sun totally open with only a slight superstructure shading the driver’s station.
  • The WA (Walkaround) with a central cabin that spreads out amidships integrating the console and leave the passageway to the sides to get to the bow.

The overall visual appeal benefits from theelegant standard livery featuring ivory fiberglass, white Orca Pennel & Flipo 1670 dtex tubing and two-tone ivory and hazelnut cushioning, shades also taken up for the friezes decorating the hatch.

As is the tradition of the Top Line range, of which the Tempest 900 WA is representative, theforward area features generously sized spaces. In this case we are only 10 square centimeters below the four square meters usable by those on board.

Capelli Tempest 900 wa inflatable boat

A functional advantage that comes at the cost of an unavoidable aesthetic weighting: certainly models, even from the same Cremonese manufacturer, with sharper forward still-work geometries have greater visual appeal. What’s more, the superstructure, 65-centimeter-diameter float, and fiberglass gunwale that houses the stanchion do nothing to dispel the glance.

The advantages, however, are the convenience of living space superior to that of some city apartment bedrooms, the safety for those on the move, and the interior volumes present. These are worth far more than the price to the eye.

Stern preps new layout Capelli Tempest 900 wa

In any case, at Capelli they have put all the wiles into practice to make the slender slender, and give those who favor space a boat that is still pleasing to the eye (and indeed the feeling of grandeur is limited to when you see the boat from the bow. All of the upholstery in the are two-tone, including the backrest that lines the front of the superstructure and with its shape lengthens towards the stern visual escape of this space.

Capelli tempest 900 wa bow sundeck

Protecting the helmsman’s station, positioned to starboard to leave space for the below-deck entrance closed by a sliding door, is a tall smoked windshield framed by a stainless steel tube that It also serves as a useful handrail and again because of the need for stability and safety, also nice and good are the two fabric-covered handrails arranged on either side of the seat-rest. Ample space is devoted to instrumentation located in front of the steering so much so that you can install as many displays as you want, including top-of-the-line chartplotters.

Cockpit dinghy Capelli Tempest 900 wa restyling

Renewed is the cockpit layout in the latest version of Capelli’s rib, which, by the way, boasts a set of lockers ready to meet the cargo needs of even those who even fill the sarcophagus on the roof rack when they go on vacation.

Two armchairs are housed behind the wheelhouse stand-up, and a sofa (with a fold-down back to become a sundeck) is located aft, also moved to the starboard side so that a corridor is created for passage to and from the aft platform. The use of this area is twofold: as a lounging area for easy lounging (with an upholstered extension, 2.6 square meters of usable space is reached), or as a convivial area, for lunch or an aperitif through the easy installation of a teak coffee table perfect for three adults.

The presence of the outboard motors determines the shape of the swim platform, which incorporates a swim ladder and a shower with a 60-liter tank offered as standard equipment.

Hair Tempest 900 WA: great above and below deck

Below deck, the layout follows the pattern already used for the pre-restyled version of the Tempest 900 WA. The forward area is occupied bya dinette that becomes a bed by using the table in the low position to support cushions. The sink built into the same cabinet that also houses the standard 48-liter refrigerator is located to the side of the step leading from the cockpit floor to the interior. An innovation in this series is the bulkhead separating the toilet room, which is furnished with a marine toilet and equipped with an electric flush leading to the black water box. The general electric panel is also installed in the cabin. The two light apertures that characterize both aesthetically and functionally the superstructure are eye-shaped, as is Capelli’s shipyard custom, and integrate a rectangular porthole that is useful for ensuring healthy air circulation below deck as well.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, however, you can always choose from a rich array of alternative options and also see how it looks thanks to the Tempest 900 WA configurator that the Capelli shipyard provides you with


To propel the Tempest 900 WA, as mentioned earlier, the design choice was to use Yamaha outboard motors, either single or in pairs. The maximum installable power comes from a pair of thrusters of 250 horsepower each with which it can reach a maximum speed of 50 knots.

Read articles about Capelli inflatable boats here.

Technical Data: Hair Tempest 900 WA

Overall length: 9.5 m

Width: 3.3 m

Tubular diameter: 0.65 m

Weight: 2400 kg

People capacity: 18

Maximum outboard power: 500 horsepower

Design category: B

Water tank: 140 lt

Fuel tank: 350 lt

Tubular material: Orca Neoprene – Hypalon 1670 dtex




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