Carla Demaria is the CEO of Bluegame

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5 February 2019
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6 February 2019
Carla Demaria

Carla Demaria

Carla Demaria, part of the Board of Directors of Sanlorenzo Spa, assumes the position of CEO of Bluegame Yachts. She is entrusted with the development of the new business opportunities envisaged by the plan and the current extra-core business activities of Sanlorenzo.

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Who is Carla Demaria?

Carla Demaria, current President UCINA (Italian Marine IndustryAssociation), has worked for more than twenty years in the Azimut Benetti Group until reaching the top as a member of the Steering Committee and Chairman of the subsidiary Atlantis Spa. In the last ten years she has been President of Monte Carlo Yachts, developed from the ground up in just a few years during the worst post-war economic crisis, and was a member of the Board of Directors of theFrench group Beneteau listed on the Paris stock exchange, where she held the position of General Director of the Beneteau brand

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