Two years after the death of Carlo Riva: Ferretti releases a short film

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Carlo Riva ed in alto a sinistra, la mitica Plancia

Carlo Riva ed in alto a sinistra, la mitica Plancia

Two years ago we were greeting for the last time one of the most brilliant figures in the world of motorboats: the inimitable Carlo Riva, father of some of the most beautiful motorboats of the twentieth century, Riva boats.

Today, Ferretti Group, the boating giant of which the Riva brand is part, has decided to dedicate to the Engineer a short film, “The Master Bridge (La Plancia)”, which was previewed on the occasion of the fourteenth edition of Cortinametraggio.

The Bridge, Carlo Riva’s office

The film retraces in 15 minutes the historic headquarters of Sarnico and especially the Plancia, Carlo Riva’s office overlooking Lake Iseo, which was personally designed by Riva engineer together with architect Giorgio Barilani and is considered an architectural masterpiece. The engineer was so attached to the Plancia that, even after selling the shipyard, he rented it and continued to use it as his office for almost 10 years.

Riva and the world of cinema

With this short Ferretti wants to celebrate Riva and its genius and the use of the film is not accidental. The essence of the made in Italy craftsmanship, attention to detail combined with the use of modern technologies and innovative design are the key elements of Riva and are the same ingredients that
over the years they have consolidated the link between Riva boats and the cinema.

International actors such as Anita Ekberg, who bought a Triton, or Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who used a Junior as their yacht’s tender. And Brigitte Bardot, photographed on the French Riviera on her Florida, or Sean Connery, to whom the historic model Rudy belonged, and again Sofia Loren and George Clooney. These and many others are the stars who have chosen the models of the Riva fleet, symbol of essential elegance and icon of timeless style.


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