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The foils, the appendages that are revolutionizing the world of boats, also arrive among the motor catamarans. For Aquila 36, a catamaran from Aquila Yachts, the Hydro-Glide Foil System has been developed, a system of “foils” that is applied in the space between the two hulls and allows the catamaran to partially lift itself on the water.

The foils of this catamaran are a novelty compared to those seen so far. As the drawing above shows, the foils are typically attached to the two hulls and form such an angle that when the boat starts to sail at speed, it rises.

This provides additional lift during glide. The Eagle 36 is also one of the few motorized pleasure boats available with foils. Do you already know the others? Here they are!

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These new foils are amazing for their ability to improve the performance, fuel consumption and handling of the already spectacular Aquila 36. Efficiency gains averaged over 30%.


Less friction – The foil system, by lifting the hulls, reduces the contact between the live work (immersed part of the boat) and the water. This allows the boat to move forward more easily, as if it were lighter.

Less gasoline – If the boat does less friction you need less fuel to reach a certain speed. This translates into savings for the owner and greater sustainability.

More speed – With foils you can achieve high speeds even with a less powerful motorization for the benefit of fun at sea.

More stability – In addition to this, the comfort of sailing with small waves is also better. The boat flying on the water avoids contact while maintaining the trim.

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