23 April 2021

An alliance for cutting-edge navigation

Simrad and Greenline Yachting produce navigation systems with solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Greenline Yachts is the world’s leading shipyard in alternative propulsion boats. […]
19 April 2021

Watermakers and filters for the boat, functional and compact

These systems have now reached even small sizes but with great water production. Silent and reliable, they allow you to produce a water reserve for every […]
12 April 2021

Joystick: manoeuvring the boat becomes “child’s play”!

Easy? More so. Intuitive! What a joystick is is all too easy to explain, we’ve all had them in our hands, maybe just for a video […]
5 April 2021

Self-inflating lifejackets: 3 novelties challenge the 3 bestsellers

In Italy there is a requirement for newly registered boats to have the same number of 150 Newton self-inflating lifejackets as there are people on board. […]
29 March 2021

Choose the right anchor for your boat

Anchors are an essential accessory and differ in shape, weight and material; therefore, you should choose the most appropriate one for the type of sailing you […]
22 March 2021
Cortex di Vesper Marine

6 remote boat monitoring systems

If you want to keep an eye on your boat at all times, a growing market in recent years has been remote monitoring systems for your […]
15 March 2021

6 new anti-theft and remote control systems

Whereas in the 1980s and 1990s, boat theft was a very limited phenomenon (in Italy, one or two boats were reported every year), the last decade […]
12 March 2021
volvo penta assisted docking 1

Assisted Docking Volvo is the solution for your stress while mooring

It’s called Volvo Penta Assisted Docking (click here) and it’s the latest innovation to make life easier for those who need to moor. Whether you have […]
8 March 2021

Sailing emergencies, 8 accessories you should always have on board

Here’s what you need to prevent and manage critical situations on a boat, because you can never be too safe. Small tricks that can become essential […]