8 March 2021

Sailing emergencies, 8 accessories you should always have on board

Here’s what you need to prevent and manage critical situations on a boat, because you can never be too safe. Small tricks that can become essential […]
1 March 2021

Wi-Fi and 4G navigation systems chosen for you

To have a connected boat and communicate, surf the web and send emails even in the middle of the sea, the tools are constantly evolving. Here […]
22 February 2021
Radar barca

Radar for everyone

Until a few years ago, radar could only be used on large hulls. Today, costs have fallen, dimensions have shrunk and technological developments have enabled radar […]
15 February 2021

Air conditioners, heaters and dehumidifiers to navigate all year round

The air conditioning and heating system allows the boat to be used even in winter. The heating system can be air or water. The fuel supply […]
8 February 2021

The right propeller for your boat

In the previous article, we saw how a propeller works and what its main parameters are. Now let’s see what the market has to offer.   […]
5 February 2021
Raymarine Yachtsense

Raymarine YachtSense, how to control all your boat the way you want

The dream of the “modern” yachtsman? To be able to manage every function of the boat through a touchscreen interface customized to their needs and those […]
1 February 2021

Here’s how to find the ideal propeller for your engine

There is nothing better than putting the boat in the water and trying it out, whether it is an outboard, inboard or inboard propeller shaft. The […]
25 January 2021

Comparing the right electric urban scooters to carry on board

The electric urban scooters are the phenomenon of the moment, thanks also to the mobility bonus which will save you 60% on the list price. For months […]
19 January 2021

MZ Electronic acquires the company Progetto Elica

MZ Electronic S.r.l. acquires the company Progetto Elica S.r.l., specialized in the calculation, design, and production of customized propellers (immersed or surface). Not only that, but […]