2 March 2022

100 years ago Carlo Riva, the inventor of the most beautiful boats in the world, was born

It was 2017 when the world mourned the passing of one of the most brilliant figures in the world of powerboats: the inimitable Carlo Riva. Father […]
16 July 2021

“We’ve followed a successful course”. Interview with Marco Valle (CEO Azimut-Benetti)

All the signs are there, and they’re all pointing in the same direction. The sea, yachts, and the nautical industry, in general, have become the number […]
14 May 2021

Geographic, magnetic, of inaccessibility… But how many North Pole are there?

When they say: show me the North, or where exactly is the North Pole, exactly where on Earth do we turn? The question is not a […]
18 December 2020

Giorgio Cassetta, the Italian designer of Cigarette Tirranna

When it was launched (and even after) it was in the spotlight. It is undoubtedly a model that has made thousands of boaters around the world […]
16 November 2020
axopar Jan-Erik Viitala

The reasons for the success of Axopar: interview to Jan-Erik Viitala

In recent years, the Finnish shipyard has registered record numbers. The secret lies in a winning out-of-the-box vision In recent times, it has known such an […]
4 November 2020

Three cult boats from Sean Connery’s 007 films

Sean Connery sadly passed away on October 31, at the age of 90. The Scottish actor 007’s first films have remained indelibly imprinted in the collective imagination, […]
28 October 2020

Sergio Davì from Mediterranean to Pacific Ocean on a 10-meter rib

In 2019 Sergio Davì had arrived at the Genoa Boat Show after his crazy crossing from Palermo to New York on an 11-meter rib passing through […]
13 October 2020

Conor McGregor just bought the Lambo of the Sea

Do you remember when we told about the agreement between The Italian Sea Group, in particular the Tecnomar Yachts brand, and Lamborghini to build a motor […]
18 August 2020

This is the “turbo” Pardo that flies at 50 knots with Luna Rossa!

America’s Cup is the most famous regatta in the world and is now touching technological peaks never seen before. Very fast sailing boats that need equally […]