Milano Yachting Week

18 July 2021
synthetic teak

With synthetic you forget about maintenance. And it’s as beautiful as teak

Like having a blanket as beautiful as the teak one, but without maintenance and more environmentally friendly. With Refit Style the problem is solved. In the […]
17 July 2021
pirelli 42

An inflatable boat with top performance and liveability: here is the Pirelli 42

Pirelli is not only synonymous with high performance tires but also with a brand that has made the history of inflatable boats. At Milano yachting Week […]
10 July 2021
Sacs Strider 15

When the raft becomes a mini superyacht: the new Sacs Strider 15

A great news at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, the new version of an icon among motor boats: the maxi rib Sacs Strider […]
4 July 2021

Sunseeker reinvents the flybridge boat with the new Manhattan 68

Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show on the dock has an absolute novelty in its fly range, the brand new Sunseeker Manhattan 68. Just […]
3 July 2021
sacs rebel 47

The Sacs Rebel 47 as you have never seen it! The version with 3 425HP outboards

sacs rebel 47 outboard An absolute preview for Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, a boat that leaves you speechless. It is the brand […]
27 June 2021
Marine Cork

Cork beats teak 1 to 0. Discover what Marine Cork is

It is called Marine Cork, you can find it in its stand at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, and it is the only […]
19 June 2021

What will the weather be like? Here you will find the weather forecast that makes you feel comfortable

13 June 2021
David Assicurazioni

How to save your wallet and boat with the right insurance

There is a fundamental service that protects your portfolio, tailor-made for your boat, in the service pavilion of Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show. […]
6 June 2021
Toy 68

Toy 68, an Italian yacht of 19 meters of true class

The presentation articles of the best motor boats exhibited at the Milan Yachting Week continue. Today we board a truly unique boat. It is called Toy […]