8 June 2022

The new (14m) Maxi Rib according to Ranieri International. Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

The expansion of the Maxi Rib market has projected shipyards upwards, in search of increasingly important projects in terms of size and finishing. Among these is […]
18 May 2022

Scanner Envy 1200 Outboard: the all-Italian 12m RIB

If the Scanner Envy 1200 Inboard had achieved excellent results, the outboard version is perhaps destined to surpass it. Aesthetically speaking, the stern with the three […]
11 May 2022

TEST – Joker Clubman 22 Plus: the comfortable 7m day Rib

The successor of the legendary Clubman 22, the Joker Clubman 22 Plus condensates decades of expertise of Jober Boat in just 7 metres of length and […]
20 April 2022

The new (15m) 50-knot Maxi Rib: Pirelli 50

As is now customary, the first scale models appear at the autumn boat shows. Now, the new Pirelli 50 Tecnorib has made its debut, the flagship […]
18 March 2022

Technohull 38: an exciting 12m 100-knot RIB

It’s a recreational RIB with offshore racing performance. It’s called Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super fast Edition and is capable of reaching a thrilling top speed […]
26 January 2022
Marlin 40'

Marlin 40′ (12 m): total comfort at 55 knots

Size grows but DNA is the same. The new Marlin 40′ combines top performance with a walkaround deck perfect for summer cruising. Marlin 40′ Looking at […]
31 December 2021
sacs tecnorib

Sacs Tecnorib Spa: Italian Maxi RIBs target the global market

As we have already seen many times, Italian inflatables are among the most sought-after and appreciated in the world. Sacs and Tecnorib (licensee of the Pirelli […]
8 December 2021
Zar Formenti 130 Imagine

Imagine 130: the new (13 m) Maxi Rib by Zar Formenti

Her name is Zar Formenti Imagine 130 and she is the new 13-metre Rib by Zar Formenti. The Italian shipyard has thus entered the registered boat […]
10 November 2021
GranTurismo 12.5 Cruiser

RIBs, 10 models not to be missed from 8 to 14 meters in 2021

RIBs are becoming more and more important on the market and the uses of these motorboats are growing all the time. If you think about how […]