Cayman 45.0 Cruiser is the 56-knot extra-comfortable maxi-dinghy (14 m) – TEST


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Cayman 45.0 Cruiser
Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

This maxi-dinghy is not just any model, but the Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser, Ranieri International’s new flagship. At fourteen meters, it is the largest boat ever built by the Calabrian shipyard and boasts 1,350 hp of power: a beastly maxi-dinghy with a streamlined line, refined and innovative style, combined with the quality and elegance to which Ranieri has now accustomed us.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

Despite its size, the Cayman 45.0 Cruiser, like the entire Ranieri International range, was designed and built using the Fully – Developed Cockpit System technique. The boat is built by grouping the deck, cabin bottom, technical accommodations for the fuel tank, water tank, and storage lockers into a single mold.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

This, combined with Cockpit Shock Absorber, a technique that results in strong cushioning between the hull and deck, dampens hull shocks on waves and improves sailing comfort. Technology in the service of the pleasure of going to sea that has as its end product a solid boat with a robustness capable of withstanding the repeated stresses faced at sea, without the typical creaks and noises that emerge over time.


Stepping aboard, the distinctive feature of this dinghy is immediately apparent: a single deck plan, from stern to bow with no steps. A convenience that, as we shall see, does not sacrifice cabin space. At the stern is a large sundeck, and below it, with an electro-actuated opening system, we find a place to stow a tender (maximum of 1.65m) and all water toys.

Continuing toward the bow, the dinette is equipped with a retractable double electric table that makes it easy to transform the living area according to different needs: a second aft sundeck, a large table capable of seating eight people, or, simply by orienting the backs, two comfortable and secure forward-facing seats.

To complete the space two standard refrigerators (the third is optional), stainless steel sink, the classic kitchenette with induction plates (with the possibility of installing other types of burners), and a hard-top (also standard) with an extendable awning attached to carbon poles, which if desired can cover the entire sundeck to the stern. Very comfortable is the large driver’s station that offers as many as four seats.

On-board instrumentation is Simrad, with four touchscreens, including one below deck. A dedicated app for the Cayman 45.0 manages the entire boat’s home automation, which can also be controlled remotely. In the front, the Cayman 45.0 Cruiser features a comfortable chaise longue for two, with audio system controller and charging sockets built into the center armrest, and a third large sundeck.

Cayman 45.0 Cruiser dashboard with Simrad instrumentation

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Interior and Cabins

Going below deck, in the bow we find a covered dinette, extended toward the middle of the boat, which converts into a large bed if necessary, and in the stern a sleeping area with the possibility of converting the double into two singles. Very interesting is the solution of taking advantage of the air space of the overhead driver’s seat, thanks to which it is possible to sit in the middle of the two aft beds without having to crouch down. A toilet compartment with a shower stall completes the space.

Cayman 45.0 Cruiser
Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Cabin

The interiors as well as the exteriors are customizable in both color and layout-from upholstery to fiberglass, tubing, and even Seadeak (the flooring) that can be had in faux teak.


The dinghy was born with a triple Mercury engine of 450 horsepower each, as we tested it, but we will soon see it with the dual engine Mercury V12 600-horsepower. When we came aboard it mounted Enertia ECO Mercury 16×19 propellers, two right-handed and one left-handed to enhance the performance of this hull. There is of course no shortage of power, and the three Mercury Racing after reaching minimum glide at 2500 rpm with a speed of 16 knots pushed us up to 56 knots.

The base cruising speed is 26 knots to have a good fuel consumption/speed ratio, and we got there at 3500 rpm with a consumption of 34 lt/h per engine. Even at 30 knots, however, you will have a very good balance between range and speed. The sprint from 0 to 26 knots we completed in 7 seconds, and with another 6 seconds we were already sailing at 40 knots. The hull gave us the impression of solidity and safety, and thanks in part to the construction techniques used, the comfort on board is truly “extra-luxury” flagship-like.

If, of course, for the driver, fun is provided by the aft triad, which offers plenty of power, guests too will have plenty to enjoy on a day aboard this maxi-dinghy, relaxing on the large aft sundeck or enjoying an adrenaline rush on the two chaise lounges in the bow. The single deck plan in our opinion is very convenient, and there is no risk of tripping, but we might have liked to see two more handrails, so that even unseaworthy feet can safely reach the bow, where the deck plan is flush with the top of the tubulars.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Price

The price of this maxi-dinghy? It depends on how you would like to personalize it. It starts at 550 thousand euros excluding VAT, but the dinghy we tested cost over 900 thousand. Have we enticed you and would you like to buy it? Hurry because production for 2023 is already all sold out and orders for 2024 are now open. A commercial success that highlights the gifts and potential of this new 45-foot inflatable boat.

Technical Specs

Length Over All (LOA) 13.9 m
Baglio Massimo 4.2 m
Fishing with motors 0.85 m
Weight 9,500 kg
Maximum Motorization 3×450 hp
Cruising speed 30 kts
Peak speed 56 nodes
Fuel tank 1.450 l
Fresh water tank 200 l
Cabins 2
Sleeping places 4
WC 1

Sailing data of the boat: Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

RMP Speed (knots) Consumption (lt/h)
600 4 9
1000 6 19.4
1500 8.5 35.7
2000 10.7 59.4
2500 14 81
3000 20 108
3500 31 135
4000 37 180
4500 41 228
5000 45 360
5500 49 450
6400 56 480
At the time of the test, the dinghy had 3 people, 400lt of fuel and 80lt of water on board.


Test by James Barbaro


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