Trend of the colored fender for the boat. Boom in the USA

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28 March 2019
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From the one that’s 45 centimeters long to the one that measures just under two meters. In between, a range of 12 models. We are talking about the range of what is the most famous fender in the world, the Polyform. But there is something new that has caused a real sales boom in the United States. What has changed? Just the color.

The cause of the sales boom

On the occasion of the 50 years of production of the most classic model, the F Series, Polyform has recently expanded the range of colors available (as you can see in the picture). And it was a real boom in the United States. In a few days hundreds of requests for new sets of fenders. The requests come not because the fenders are to be replaced but for an exclusively aesthetic reason. The owners change the fenders to have a new color on the sides. Now there are 18 possibilities. A great innovation for this model that, until now, we have seen placed on the sides of boats around the world in the classic color with blue and white top of the ends for the cylinder. Even the two ends can now be had in three colors: blue, gray or black. Here are the 18 available colours: white, saturn yellow, yellow, orange, red, classic red, amaranth, water green, green, lime, forest green, blue, cobalt blue, talaine blue, nnavy blue, sand, grey, black. There are also twelve models for every need, starting from the smallest 61 cm long x 15.2 to the largest 194.3 cm x 73.7.
If you want to see all the possibilities of colors, click here

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