Compass and binoculars never fail you (find the top models here)


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compass binoculars silva


In a world dominated by electronics, they never betray you. If the power goes out, they take you back to the ground. We are talking about compass and binoculars. Two essential tools in the boat that can make all the difference in an emergency.

Silva Compass/Binoculars – Milan Yachting Week

At Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you are sure to find some of the best models on the market. Let’s drop by, at the booth of the historic accessories distributor Indemar, which, backed by almost 50 years of know-how and experience, has selected the most reliable and guaranteed products over time.

Like Silva compasses and binoculars. A little history: in 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first liquid-filled compass , and Silvia’s adventure began with a bang. Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but it also set the global standard on how navigation works today.

Compass Silva

At MYW Silva is present with new compasses that meet these four, fundamental, characteristics:

  • Durability: the capsule, made of transparent, scratch-resistant acrylic, ensures excellent readability and durability.
  • Low friction: the combination of a sapphire bearing and a hardened steel pin minimizes friction, which in turn provides fast and precise movements.
  • Perfect damping: the no-spin compass is designed for perfect damping and accurate reading.
  • Accurate reading: the gimbal suspension system enables accurate reading and undisturbed operation, even when the boat is exposed to rough seas.


Silva Eternal Binoculars

And now it’s time to deal with binoculars: in the Indemar booth, Silva offers the two Eterna models(Navigator 3 and Marine 3), which are the true state of the art in boat binoculars, with marine-specific features and design. Solid, sturdy and naturally waterproof: perfect in the open sea. The Navigator model also integrates a compass.

silva binoculars

With a Porro prism design and large luminous flux, a key feature is fixed focus-after a one-time adjustment for individual vision-that gives the freedom to focus directly on a desired object without manual focusing! Perfect in rough seas. Solid, sturdy and obviously waterproof. Should you be unlucky enough to drop it in the water, Eterna Navigator will float!


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We recommend that you take a tour of the Indemar booth: if you have any curiosity, further questions about the products, or would like to proceed with a purchase all you have to do is click on the buttons “Send an Email” or “Contact on Whatsapp” in the right sidebar, you will be answered immediately by Indemar experts.




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