Conor McGregor just bought the Lambo of the Sea

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n foto Conor McGregor in compagnia del Vice Presidente Giuseppe Taranto. La barca in foto è un rendering d'archivio

In photo Conor McGregor (right) in the company of the Vice President of The Italian Sea Group Giuseppe Taranto. The boat in photo is an archive rendering

Do you remember when we told about the agreement between The Italian Sea Group, in particular the Tecnomar Yachts brand, and Lamborghini to build a motor boat? Here you will find the full article. Now it seems that the MMA champion, Conor McGregor, has just secured a fully customized Lamborghini yacht.

Conor McGregor has bought himself the Lamborghini of the sea

The Lamborghini of the sea by Tecnomar Yachts will be produced in limited edition. A sea purebred, 63 feet long and able to reach 60 knots top speed. A 100% customizable motor boat, through the Ad Personam program, which allows each owner to have his own unique and inimitable model. McGregor then chose a very particular number.

Here is the post that just appeared on the instagram account of the UFC star

“I am honored to secure the number 12 edition of just 63 to make. 1963 is the year Lamborghini started producing the first Lamborghini, and the 12th is, well, you know, the 12th!”. 12th refers to Proper Twelve, the Irish whiskey brand founded by McGregor himself.

Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63: will be the new yacht of Conor McGregor?

“Thank you @thenotoriusmma for the visit. We had a great time customizing your #TecnomarForLamborghini63 Yacht and we look forward to seeing you at the helm next year! In photo Conor McGregor in the company of Vice President Giuseppe Taranto ♥️♥️”

From these posts it seems that next year’s MMA champion will race around the world in his new Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 on board of a true Italian excellence.

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