Control the boat from your smartphone: you can do it with this app


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There is an app that allows boat owners, marinas and charter companies to keep track of their boat or fleet at all times. It’s called Nauticoncept, it was developed by a French company, and you can see how it works at its booth at Milan Yachting Week. Visit it now by clicking below.


Nauticoncept and smart sensors

The starting point of how the app works is Nauticsafe‘s smart sensors, which allow you to keep tabs on everything on the boat. If there should be any anomalies, failures, or out-of-norm values, you will receive a notification on your cell phone. Nauticoncept and Nauticsafe sensors enable you to prevent accidents, failures, breakdowns and intervene promptly if they are already occurring. But what are the boat values that can be kept in check at all times? Battery voltage, engine hours, water presence in bilge, temperature on board, engine theft alarm, bump and heel, and geolocation. Another great strength of the Nauticoncept app is its integration with the network of partner marinas and maintainers. In fact, thanks to it you can book a repair, a service appointment or a maintenance person directly from the app. If the app notifies you of a bilge pump failure, it directly proposes “solutions” to remedy the problem, according to your route and location.

Why it is useful for charters

If you have a charter fleet you can set some specific functions. Definition of the prohibited navigation areas, remote monitoring of motor power and speed, geolocation of the boat in case of failure, report and prevent insufficient battery charge, obey speed limits, certify any accidents, provide daily sailing reports to the time of check-out. All the information you need in one place-simple as that!

Visit Nauticoncept’s booth

By clicking here
you can find out in detail how Nauticoncept works. Contact them by email from the Nauticoncept booth at Milan Yachting Week.



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