Corrected the decree on speed limits in boats and boat rentals. What does it involve


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Suzuki DF350A boat decree
Archive photo – Focchi inflatable boat with Suzuki DF350 A

It has been published in the
Official Gazette
the amendment of the decree September 1, 2021, By the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation. This is to correct the interpretive confusion on the subject Of boat rental and water skiing and speed limit in distance from the coast due to some errors and oversights in the original text. The decree of September 1, 2021 defined, in fact, requirements, formalities and obligations to be complied with for the use of recreational watercraft or personal watercraft for the purpose of leasing or renting for recreational purposes or for tourist uses of a local character, as well as support for scuba diving for sport or recreational purposes in maritime and inland waters.


The speed limit of 8 knots at a distance of 5km from cliffs and crags, was obviously wrong, it is corrected with 500 meters. Stay 1,000 m from the beaches, but beware, there may be a local ordinance imposing different speeds or longer distances, especially in the beach season.

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We are talking about boat rentals for water skiing activity, by companies/associations, so we are in a niche. In fact, recall that the leasing of a boat, is not possible by private individuals and boat owners, and that the only form from private individuals to “rent” their boat under 10 m is to register it and get in compliance for occasional rental.

A missing semicolon in the original text led to the understanding that it was prohibited to conduct water skiing activities on a leased watercraft. The new text, by adding the word “for third parties” at the end of the sentence, emphasizes and clarifies that the original text referred to prohibitions related to boat subleasing (i.e., a charter company cannot lease the boat to another water skiing company).


Among the compulsory documents to be submitted for boat rental, an EC type-approval certificate was required. The corrective text adds the word “where intended” since as we know many vessels (such as goiters) were built well before the EC regulations.

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