Cranchi Settantotto: the flagship’s “made in Italy” super interiors

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Cranchi Settantotto interni

The Cranchi Settantotto (78 in Italian) is the new flagship of the 150-year-old Italian shipyard Cranchi. A boat that has amazed in its lines and has achieved important public and critical acclaim since its debut. It has not only convinced in the external lines, but also in the interiors where there are very interesting technical solutions and design choices. From the materials chosen to the color proposals created in collaboration with designer Christian Grande, the atmosphere on the Cranchi Settantotto is that of a welcoming, elegant but relaxed boat, as you would expect from a flagship.


Cranchi Settantotto and interior Flexform

In perfect harmony with these art direction choices, the Settantotto has been furnished with elements from Flexform collections, a historic brand of furniture made in Italy.



To furnish the salon, the designer Christian Grande has chosen a corner composition of the system of Adda seating combined with Fly tables, both by Antonio Citterio.

Feel Good armchairs also designed by Antonio Citterio and upholstered in precious leather in a surprising shade of orange have been placed around the table.


In the cockpit, an outdoor lounge dedicated to relaxation has been created with Alison Outdoor armchairs designed by Carlo Colombo and combined with Fly tables: a lounge area with a “cocoon” effect that comes to life. Alternatively, this space can be set up as a veranda with a table that is both practical and precious.

About the many customization options that Cranchi Yachts can offer thanks to the Cranchi Atelier customization program, the owners of the Settantotto can choose the furnishing elements and accessories inspired by the collections selected with Christian Grande and can rely on the advice of the shipyard’s designers.


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