Crazy record, a motocross at 104 km/h on the water – VIDEO


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The Italian pilot Luca Colombo has today won a new world record for speed on fresh water. With a motocross bike he touched the 104 km/h, exceeding by almost 10 km/h the previous record of the Australian Robbie Maddison: 93.3 Km/h.

Record on the water with the unexpected

The motocross that Luca has chosen for the record is a Honda CRF 450R supplied by Red Moto di Desio.  Luca and his technical partners have prepared this Honda by equipping it with water skids and a rear wheel with special blades that have provided the hydrodynamic thrust necessary to glide over the water the over 205 kg of weight at full load. For his safety Luca has chosen to wear Kingii Wearable on his wrist, the smallest personal floating device in the world.

Leaving Gravedona at 10.00 a.m., after a short run on the beach to get the necessary speed to glide over the water, Luca arrived at Lido di Dongo after 2′ 43″ minutes of “navigation”. Here are the “numbers” of the enterprise: maximum speed reached 104 km/h (equal to 56.15 knots) or more than 28 meters per second.

While he was “sailing” with the bike a wave caused the opening of the auto-inflatable system of the pilot, while he was at maximum speed. The system should have been activated only in the event of a loss of power to prevent the bike from sinking into the lake. The Milanese rider was able to handle the problem. The 1.9km course was completed without ever falling below 30 knots (55.6km/h), a decisive speed for running on the surface of the water without sinking.

In the past

On July 30, 2017 Luca Colombo had completed the crossing of Lake Como setting a new record for travel on fresh water: left at 9:38 am from Gravedona, Luca arrived in Colico at 9:43 am after just over 5 minutes of “navigation” on a stretch of 5.5 km traveled at a speed of 40 knots equal to about 75 km / h or more than 20 meters per second reaching a peak of 83 km / h.




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