The preview boat test of the CX 270 Invictus


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Waiting to see it make its debut at the end of the summer at the Cannes Boat Show in September (from 10 to 15), we have previewed the new CX 270 by Invictus Yacht, born on the hull of the SX 280.

The Invictus CX 270 is the new sports car from the CX line. A “chameleon” boat, designed by Christian Grande, which can change its appearance according to the circumstances. To lie comfortably in the bow there is a rather large sunbathing area. Going aft, in the middle of the boat at the foot of the windscreen, hidden when at rest, there is a practical sundeck, which can be opened by one person without any problems in a few moments. The left hand passageway is the most spacious to move between the bow and the cockpit and can change “shape” depending on the moment.

How to browse the CX270

The boat is designed to have a dual configuration: single and twin-engine. In the test where we tested it, the CX270 had a single 300 hp Mercury engine. We are on Lake Iseo, the water is flat and there is only a slight breeze. We put ourselves in position and when everyone is ready on board we push down on the throttle. In a short time we reach 34 knots, with the engine at about 6000 rpm. At this point, however, you can still earn something. Let’s start playing with the trim a bit, raising the propeller. In a few moments we are at 41 knots, with only one engine.

With the steering wheel in our hands the idea we have is that of a stable but sensitive boat. The boat configuration also includes two flaps that help in weight management and trim optimization.

In relax

At the stern the cockpit changes shape depending on what you want to do. Whether you choose a single or double engine aft remains room to get on and off the boat thanks to the two stern platforms, where you can put a ladder to get on and off.

The wheelhouse seat also changes depending on whether you want to sit or lean on it. Visibility remains good in both cases.

Below deck

For the hottest hours or to spend a night out there is also a cabin under the bow sundeck. You enter in the middle of the boat, to the left of the wheelhouse. The dimensions are not exaggerated being on board a boat of eight meters, but the spaces are well managed. Interesting is the choice of inserting a drawer fridge to the left of the staircase so you can use it without going below deck (useful when you want to have a drink immediately after bathing). To the right of the ladder is the toilet door, which is separated from the rest of the cabin.

On board every useful space has been used to get lockers where you can store everything you have on board.

CX 270 with 300 hp Mercury engine

  • 600 laps: 2 knots
  • 1000 RPM: 4.5 Knots
  • 1500 RPM: 6 Knots
  • 2000 RPM: 7.4 Knots
  • 2500 RPM: 8.5 Knots
  • 3000 RPM: 11.5 Knots
  • 3500 RPM: 14.3 Knots
  • 4000 RPM: 20 Knots
  • 4500 RPM: 25.5 Knots
  • 5000 RPM: 29, 3 Knots
  • 5500 RPM: 33 Knots
  • 5800 rpm + trim: 40 knots TOP SPEED

Boat data sheet: CX 270 Invictus

  • Loa: 8.1 m
  • B.max: 2.7
  • Weight: 2450 kg
  • Capacity: 900 kg
  • Person: 8 m
  • Cruise speed: 25 knots
  • Max speed: 44 knots
  • Max engine: 400 hp
  • Fuel cpaacity: 530 l
  • Design Christian Grande
  • Builder: Cantieri Aschenez




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