Who is Dario Messina, the “tailor” of superyachts who has started to make boats

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1 April 2019
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nerea yacht ny24

nerea yacht ny24

It takes guts to think about building a 24-footer (little more than 7 meters) like a superyacht. And yet it is what Dario Messina, 37 years old, has done with his daycruiser Nerea 24 which astonished visitors during the Dusseldorf Boat Show, where the boat had its world premiere presentation.

“I’ve invested my 10-year working experience with Ferretti and Besenzoni” – tells Dario while sitting on the pilot seat of his own boat, so comfortable and beautiful that even a Le Coubusier’s chaise longue could be jealous. Even more astonishing than the cockpit that looks like the convivial area of a superyacht is the space below deck and the comfort offered by the open space cabin. It seems to invite you to sit down, cuddled by the sweet roll of the sea.

However, our encounter with Dario takes place in a snowy day, so we return to reality and we ask him why his Nerea 24 is so different from any other boat. “Details, attention to details. Look at steel elements, upholstery, wood details”. They look like the work of a craftsman that has wanted to create something unique, like a tailor for a dress. “I’m used to building unique pieces for superyachts”, the businessman explains “and, here, I put all my knowledge and taste. As for design, I have turned to Ligurian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of IdeaeITALIA. I trust them and we have a common view”. Who’s the ideal owner for a Nerea 24? “ I’d like to see a smart gentleman driving his Mercedes in the seafront of Montecarlo with his Nerea 24 attached to the trailer hitch”. A beautiful scene.
Nerea Yacht, www.nereayacht.com

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