Insurance: with your boat Kasko you really stay safe


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David Assicurazioni

The boat and the automobile are both means of transportation, and therefore the same principles apply to both from the point of view of insurance protection. This is only partly true, because the boat is actually much more exposed than an automobile to damage, and it is a structurally different asset from the automobile. And so insurance, such as what David Assicurazioni offers, also changes.

David Assicurazioni – Roadside Kasko, Overboard Body Policy: what changes?

If from a legal point of view boat and automobile are practically assimilated-the liability policy is the only compulsory underwriting-the same cannot be said from a practical point of view. Think of the boat, which is kept year-round at the dock, perhaps with winter dry storage if the marina permits, and think of the automobile, which may be parked in a garage or carport. The boat is much more susceptible to damage from weather, moisture, salt spray, and spontaneous fires, partly because there are far more numerous and delicate systems and components on board a boat than there are on a car. In fact, many boatyards and marinas require as a requirement, especially for dry storage, that boats be insured not only with liability but also with the Policy Bodies. In case of damage to the boat, as long as the waiver of recourse clause is included, the shipowner is protected and the extent of the claim does not burden the shipyard’s coffers or navy, thus avoiding unpleasant litigation.

What does the Body Policy cover?

The Body Policy that is offered by the broker David Assicurazioni has been developed and refined over the years to meet the demands and needs of all boaters. This is a so-called named-risk policy in “insurers'” jargon, yet it is so comprehensive in its casuistry of damages that it approaches the concept of an All-Risk; in fact, it represents a complete solution for the shipowner, comparable to Kasko for the automobile, if we want to take up the analogy again. With the Bodies Policy, in fact, the boat is covered not only in navigation, but also at dock, roadstead, and even ashore, until it is, at the request of the owner, in so-called “inoperative storage” (similar cases of forced downtime or inactivity of the boat, sail or motor, during the pandemic). There are a number of extensions in this sort of “Nautical Kasko” that, of course, are not there for the four-wheeled equivalent. Cite, for example, engine overheating damage, always including whether it actually stems from occlusion of sea intakes, a situation that is increasingly repeated, for example due to the plastic bags that are now rampant in our seas. Additional extension, but for a fee, the Machinery clause that covers all engine damage.

  • If you want to understand how David Assicurazioni ‘s policies are structured, you can visit its booth at Milan Yachting Week. From there, it’s super easy to get a quote thanks to the automatic quote portal



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