Designer, bring your pencil! Azimut challenges you to design a day cruiser

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Azimut Atlantis 51

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Azimut Atlantis 51

Azimut Atlantis 51

Azimut Yachts has launched a challenge, with deadline at the end of October, for an innovative and creative project by transport and interior designers. What is the contest about? To create a new day cruiser to be launched with the Atlantis collection of the brand.

There are also three months of paid internships at the Azimut headquarters in Avigliana, Italy. Hurry up, because the deadline is set for October 31, 2019 23.59 PM

The rules of the Azimuth challenge

For this new concept boat, designers are invited to propose one of the following four options:

1 – External lines of a 10-metre boat with inboard engines, capable of interpreting Azimut’s sporting vocation and respecting its stylistic DNA.

2 – Disposition of living areas with open and multifunctional spaces, which can be transformed according to the different moments of life on board: navigation, relaxation, meals.

3 – Indoors below deck to be experienced during the day as a living room or dining area and convertible at night into a suite for two people with adjoining small bathroom.

4 – Innovative, exclusive and luxurious micro-design details dedicated to on-board comfort (objects, seats, ergonomic sundeck and combined lighting), as well as integrated roofing systems for sun protection. Control panel with exclusive steering wheel.

Without forgetting the environment: the use of sustainable materials will be considered an added value for participants.

Watch the video below to find out more about the layout of the Atlantis Collection, specifications, interiors, etc.

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