DF140A, the world’s best-selling Suzuki outboard: here’s why


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Suzuki outboard 140 hp
Suzuki outboard 140 hp

It was 2001 when the 140-horsepower Suzuki outboard, the DF140, debuted on the market. The growing success of outboards and the pliability of a 140-horsepower engine has meant that, over the past five years, this model, excluding the 40-horsepower, has been the Japanese manufacturer’s best-selling model worldwide, accounting for 13 percent of its total production.

Suzuki 140 hp outboard, DF140 is the world’s best-selling Suzuki

Derived from the aluminum monoblock with 4L architecture of the Suzuki DF115 outboard, it is equipped with EFI technology, multipoint electronic fuel injection, DOHC i.e., twin-shaft timing with 4 valves per cylinder driven by chain and not belt, and a drive shaft offset from the crankshaft (and therefore compact). Building on this foundation, Suzuki engineers continued to develop this outboard. Today this engine is equipped with a new foot, capable of pushing larger diameter, 14-inch propellers, and ECM (Engine Control Module), an automotive-derived electronic control unit equipped with sensors capable of monitoring the operation of the thermal unit.


ECM, all Suzuki outboard is under control

This electronic control unit is equipped with several sensors:

  • one of knock, which is needed to detect and check for abnormalities in combustion
  • a sensor inside the fuel filter, which measures the possible presence of water by alerting the user through audible and visual alerts
  • for suction pressure
  • For the position of the crankshaft
  • air temperature sensor
  • One for the cylinder wall temperature
  • A camshaft position sensor.

Among the upgrades is one of the strengths of Suzuki outboards: the Lean Burn system that adjusts the ratio of air to gasoline in combustion. This reduces the amount of fuel and increases that of the comburent, oxygen. This ensures gasoline savings, especially when going at cruising speed, without hard acceleration.

Suzuki 140 hp outboard: liked by boaters and fishermen

How did this outboard motor become one of the best-selling in the world? The Suzuki DF140A is appreciated by a diverse range of users: classic boat and dinghy boaters as well as fishermen. One of the most welcome elements to this part of the market is the Suzuki Trolling Mode System, which is able to fix the engine idle trend in engaged gear situation. From a minimum of 650 rpm, the rpm can go up to a maximum of 1,200 rpm (with a frequency of 50 in 50 rpm) by means of a switch on the driver’s console, which is very useful for trollers.

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2 thoughts on “DF140A, the world’s best-selling Suzuki outboard: here’s why”

    1. Hello Jack,

      definitely is not too much power for a 25 ft cabin. But it depends about which kind cabin cruiser (the weight and the kind of hull) and what use do you want to do with it. You should get in touch with a dealer to evaluate it and get the best advice about it.


      Barche a Motore Team

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