Discover smart boats under 10 meters that are also perfect for fishing


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Today at Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show in the harbor that is home to dozens of powerboats, we went hunting for models under ten meters, which therefore do not require registration, that are also suitable for fishing. The search yielded very interesting results, which are worth seeing right away with just a click.

We have selected four boats, ranging from 8.26 to 9.80 meters in length, which have in common that they are perfect boats for fishing but also lend themselves to “weekender” use with family and friends. In short, they are smart and versatile boats that have another feature in common, they all use outboard engines. Enough, here are the four boats chosen for you.

Barracuda 9: the nine-meter that’s good for three boats

How did Beneteau combine the three fishing/daily outing/cruising use options in one hull of the Barracuda 9 (9.10 x 2.95m)? First, it started with the hull, the latest version of Beneteau’s patented Air Step, which combines fuel economy, performance, and an extremely comfortable sea passage. Motorization can be up to 500 hp with two outboards with large tank capacities (up to 600 liters of fuel).

Then Beneteau engineers exploited for the new Barracuda 9 space to the fullest, starting with the openable and modular cockpit that can be equipped for large fishing, wide walkways, large aft window, side and partition doors that lead to a real proper sheltered living room with open kitchenWith control cabin. Below deck, a large cabin and bathroom as well as a second two-bed cabin that can also become a storage area. But there are many other clever solutions in this boat, all to be discovered.

Discover Beneteau Barracuda 9 HERE

Pyxis 30 WA: the amazing pocket superyacht

Here is a boat of the very latest generation, it is the Pyxis 30 WA (9.40 x 2.95 m) that is enjoying great success, produced in two versions, Cruiser and WA Fishing. The reasons for this public liking lie in the ingenuity of its solutions, the attractive design, and, most importantly, for the fact that it feels like being aboard a small pocket superyacht. Let’s start with the shape of the hull, which is very elegant thanks to the designers of Akes Design and Carlo Galeazzi, big names made in Italy.

Aft the cockpit can accommodate eight people, is equipped with a rear couch and two integrated spiaggas on either side of the two outboards, with powers up to 2 x 300 hp (but also suffice This combination allows the Pyxis 30 Wa to also reach 50 knots, a nice advantage to immediately reach the bay where you can take a wonderful summer bath. But the Pyxis 30 WA è even a boat to make small cruises thank you to the fact that it has as many as two generously sized double beds, and a separate and independent bathroom below deck. But the Pyxis 30 Wa is not finished yet…in the bow is a space you don’t expect with a very large sundeck in front of the console. And, let’s not forget, this boat is walk around, meaning you walk from bow to stern on the same plane, without impediments, steps, obstacles. In short, the Pyxis 30 Wa really says something new in the nine-meter field, and there is so much more to discover by visiting it on the dock at our digital boat show.

Discover Pyxis 30 WA Fishing, HERE

Axopar 28: looks two meters bigger

All three versions of the Axopar 28 (8.75 x 2.95 m) are also suitable for fishing use. But they all share certain characteristics: ease of handling, sporty and elegant design, performance and on-board comfort. All Axopar 28 models, aft, can be configured with or without an additional rear-facing bench seat and storage area. Another popular solution is the wet-bar to turn this portion of the boat into a relaxation area. And then the spaces inside and out, in all models are designed to make them look longer than a couple of meters.

You just have to visit the new Axopar 28 in the three versions Cabin, T-Top and Open,
by clicking HERE

Parker 790 Cruise: you use it in any weather

There must be a reason why this boat of only 8 meters, the Parker 790 Cruise (8.40 x 2.87 m) we are telling you about is having great success in both Europe and the United States. Now it’s coming to Italy as well, and you can find it at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show just arrived in the virtual dock of the most visited boat show. Why is the Parker 790 Cruise, imported by Sail Passion being so successful and also suitable for a fishing use? Because it has revolutionized the concept of the Pilot House, those boats with the driver’s seat covered by a large superstructure that shelters those who lead the boat in all weather and sea. To give you a taste of what you will discover when you visit, here are some basic concepts of this ingenious boat that looks much larger than its 8.40 meters in length overall. First, the design. This type of boat, the pilot house, had an old-fashioned look; the Parker 790 Cruise, on the other hand, has an attractive line.

It’s all there on the Parker 790 Cruise: a cockpit with a table for outdoor dining, a split swim platform, a cockpit with a sunroof, sundeck in the bow. And below deck a double cabin with bathroom and another berth available. It is perfect for day trips, fishing trips, cruises of a few days.

You just have to visit the new Parker 790 Cruise
by clicking HERE



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