Do you want a 4- to 9-meter Zar inflatable boat? If you order it now it will cost you less


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Zar Formenti Imagine
Zar Formenti 85 SL

Summer time, sea time. If you have waited until now to get your new inflatable boat there is good news for you! For the entire range of inflatable boats
Zar from 43 to 95 SL
a promotion is running for which you can choose many accessories for free. The range of the promo is from 4,000 to a maximum of 12,000 euros* and is, of course, proportional to the type of boat chosen.

Excluded from the promotion are Zar’s Tender and Mini ranges, as well as the flagship, the 130 Imagine.

If you want an inflatable Zar, now is the time.

Whether it is your first inflatable boat or a more important vehicle as a size, here you can find an inflatable boat for you and your needs. Zar Formenti inflatable boats are immediately recognizable and characterized by their prominent fiberglass construction. This leads them to be sometimes considered a hybrid between a classic boat and a motor boat. The reason for their structure is to get the best of both worlds. The safety, stability and performance that the inflatable boat provides with the comfort and interior space of the “classic” hull.

Zar inflatable boats on promotion:

Among the many models on promotion (19 boats from Zar 43 to 95 SL) let’s look at the features of some.

Find the full list here, excluding 130 Imagine.

The Flagship Sport Luxury: Zar 95 SL

Looking for a fast, muscular rib with plenty of deck space and maximum comfort? Here then is the largest model being promoted, the flagship among the Sport Luxury: the
Zar Formenti 95 SL (read the full article here).

A super-equipped vessel: Zar 79 SL

Inflatable boats are the ideal way to start sailing. What do you think of the new Zar 79 Sport Luxury? This inflatable boat measures 7.8×2.86 m overall, and according to it manages to combine ample space on board (note the width of the bow and the wealth of storage areas) with elegance and performance. (read the full article here)

An “unlicensed” XL: Czar 43

We go to the other side of the range where there is a much smaller, but very interesting 4.5-meter boat. Looking for an easy-to-manage “license-free” to go swimming, but with two separate sundecks and deck space? The ZAR 43 was created just for this and can also be equipped with more powerful engines. Like its larger siblings, it has tubulars with six compartments and can be equipped with a roll bar, shower, awnings and a full tent for nautical camping.


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