Do you want to change the outboard (from 2 to 350 horsepower)? Check out this Suzuki offer


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Have you been waiting for an attractive offer to change your outboard? This might be the right time. In fact, the Suzuki financing campaign has begun with two different formulas:

These two options will be valid until September 30, 2023 on the entire Suzuki range from the small DF2.5 horsepower to the new and very powerful DF350AMD and DF300BMD.

Suzuki outboards: the offerings for 2023

So if you want to change outboards, you can start looking around on the Suzuki Marine Italia website. There is a wide choice on all power ratings. Here for example
we have compared the leading 2.5 hp outboard engines,
including Suzuki’s model. Our insights, then, touched on many Suzuki outboards such as:

In short, there is something for every budget and every need. Let us now see in detail how these campaigns work to buy a Suzuki outboard.

Suzuki Outboards: Zero Interest Financing

The interest-free financing campaign allows the purchase of a Suzuki outboard to be financed for between 800 and 13,000 euros, as we said. (Fixed NPV 0% – APR 2.82%) with first installment at 30 days. How long does it last? At the boat owner’s option, for a maximum installment period of 36 months. Let’s see how it works in detail.

Example: €5,000 financing with the Zero Interest formula.

Up to 36 months-first installment in 30 days-fundable amount from € 800 to € 13,000. Representative example referring to the most recurring case history for the “Boating” sector related to the observation period January-December 2021: € 5,000 (total amount of credit) in 36 installments of € 142.36 – Fixed NPV 0% APR 2.82%.

The APR represents the total cost of credit expressed as an annual percentage and includes: interest 0, application fees € 125, substitute tax 0.25% amount financed, stamp duty on annual and termination statements € 2 (for amounts over € 77.47), monthly file management fee € 2.20

The total amount due (total amount of credit + total cost of credit is €5,216.97.

Suzuki outboards: Financing with Easy Formula

On the other hand, for those who want to take advantage of more substantial financing (above 13,000 € and up to 20,000 €), the Easy Formula is available with TAN 4% and APR 5.55% . Through such a solution, a loan term of up to 60 months can be chosen. Again, the first installment 30 days after the contract is signed.

Example: €13,001 financing with the Easy Formula

Up to 60 months-first installment in 30 days-fundable amount from € 13,001 to € 20,000. For example, if I ask for a loan referred to the most onerous case for the customer in this case: € 13,001 (total amount of credit) in 48 installments of € 299.14 – TAN 4.00% APR 5.55%. The APR represents the total cost of credit expressed as an annual percentage and includes: interest, preliminary activity costs 250 €, stamp duty on loan 16 €, stamp duty on annual and termination statement 2 €(for amounts over 77.47 €), monthly file management fee 2.20 €

The total amount due (total amount of credit + total cost of credit) 14,486.32 € .

For more information, visit
Suzuki Marine Italy.



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