DRONE-MANIA Here’s how you can use a drone on a boat


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The fabulous world of drones has also arrived on boats, we cannot deny, flying quadcopters (and more) can be a valuable aid on board (always in compliance with ENAC regulations, which we link to below).

As early as last spring, Raymarine sensed its potential and launched possibilities to control some drone models (DJI Spark and Mavic) directly from the multifunction display and to control and view images taken by drones directly on the Axiom series displays. A nice advantage, when you go fishing, to be able to check in real time what is happening around your boat, as realistically as possible. (WE TOLD YOU ABOUT IT HERE).

But there are those who have gone even further: SwellPro has launched SplashDrone3, a drone that takes you offshore to find out where the shoals are and to directly carry your line (with up to 10 baits on it) over the area. Clearly, it is resistant to water, salt and is very stable even in unfavorable marine weather conditions.

SplashDrone3 can be equipped with a Fish Finder Camera, a waterproof camera that allows you to ferret out where schools of fish are even when there is little light, providing all the information you need both above water and below.(WE TOLD YOU ABOUT IT HERE).

Fishing, then, but not only that. Four 620kv amphibious rotors and a 3-millimeter ABS floating body with a stainless steel heart that allows it to land in the middle of waves, float for a long time, and restart by making a mockery of the saltiness.

Specially designed to work alongside lifeguards (but offering interesting developments in the area of boater safety as well: the more “geeky” will be able to keep it on board but it could be used to intervene from shore in distressed situations near the coasts), Splash Drone was born out of crowdfunding KickStarter and can operate in all weather conditions by releasing a float weighing one kilogram while waiting for help to arrive to make a safe recovery.

The photos we show you in sequence in were taken at the Genoa Boat Show as part of the “safe inMare” initiative. Very interesting.

But this is not the end of the story. Who said that the drone should only be a flying object? Powerray, from Powervision, is an innovative submersible drone to view the seabed around your boat, give you obvious help when fishing but also assist you when dropping anchor and to check the state of the hull perhaps when the water is cold and you don’t feel like diving. From your smartphone you will see everything, but everything, and the drone has the ability to carry a line to the desired spot on the seabed so that you can literally put the bait “in the mouth” of the prey. www.powervision.me




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