Eco-luxury, here are the luxury zero petrol catamarans

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5 April 2019
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5 April 2019
Silent yachtsSilent yachts

Silent yachts

Silent yachts

Silent yachts

Eco-luxury is the new figure in high-end boating. Respect the environment without sacrificing any comfort. But is it really possible? Yes, for example, in luxury catamarans solar energy is the protagonist. For the design of two-hull boats, a huge amount of energy can be collected, thanks to hundreds of square meters of panels. It supplies all the instruments, appliances and air conditioning. In short, every benefit, without a single drop of fuel.

Here are two luxury zero-impact catamarans

Silent Yachts

They are the builders of the world’s first solar-powered yachts. Every day, a Silent yacht sails over 100 miles in the Atlantic, using only the charge of its batteries and the energy produced by its solar panels that, in the smallest model – the Silent 55’ – reach a surface of 45 square meters. Of course, they are also equipped with a fuel-propelled generator and a kite to exploit wind energy and charge batteries, using propellers as hydro-generators. Today, the shipyard also offers two bigger models: the Silent 64 and the Silent 79, built in Italy by Consorzio Navale Industriale. Recently, Silent Yachts has been awarded by the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) for its efforts in creating an eco-sustainable luxury boat in the presence of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Silent Yacht 55

Loa: 16,70m; B.max: 8,46 m; Max engine: 2 X 30KW / 2 x 135kW –

Serenity Yachts

Comfort and advantages of a motorboat are combined with the unlimited range of a sailboat. These are the hallmarks of Serenity Yachts, the American shipyard, based in the Cayman Islands, specialized in the manufacturer of high-quality catamarans with electric or hybrid propulsion. The catalogue includes two models: the Serenity 64, presented at the last Cannes Yachting Festival, and the 74, with sophisticated interiors designed by Ken Downing, Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus. Power comes from a large amount of solar panels: up to 110 square meters in the largest model, 68 square meters in the smallest one.

Serenity 64

Loa: 19.44m; Bmax: 9.44m; Engine: electric, 2×25 kW, diesel, 2x200hp


  1. Keenan says:

    “Today, the shipyard also offers two nigger models: the Silent 64 and the Silent 79, built in Italy by Consorzio Navale Industriale.“

    I supposed you mean bigger, rather than nigger?

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