eD32 c-Ultra, the electric inflatable boat with 50-knot surface propellers


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eD32 c-Ultra
eD32 c-Ultra

Fast inflatables we know of, including electric ones. The eD32 c-Ultra is particularly distinguished by its propulsion system. It is a German high-performance carbon pneumatic boat of not even 10 meters that installs the new
. A 100% German project from hull construction developed by German Sven Akermann to propulsion by German eD-Tec.

eD32 c-Ultra

Let’s start with size. It is 9.5 meters long and 3.2 meters wide, and this already characterizes it quite well as a rib designed for speed. The estimated cruising speed is 30 knots while the maximum speed is 50 knots. Given the power output, it appears that this full-speed rib has a range of about 30 miles, numbers in hand of just over half an hour. Remarkable, however, is the charging time: about 40 minutes to 80% capacity with the 150kW DC-DC system. The c-ultra is equipped with a standard 22kW AC charging.

eD32 c-Ultra
eD32 c-Ultra

To reduce friction, there is then the option of installing a
optional, which is useful for gaining some autonomy.

The project was born somewhere between the superyacht tender and the recreational rib. Named eD 32 c-ultra, it is based on a proven idea by Sven Akermann. The difference between the base and the eD32 c-Ultra is in the aft part, designed to accommodate eD-TEC’s eD-QDrive 1 propulsion unit, surface motors, eD-Technology Stack, and battery pack. The site’s idea is to complete it by early summer 2024.

eD32 c-Ultra
eD32 c-Ultra

Speaking of eD-TEC, Michael Jost, a man who anyone who pays attention to the automotive market cannot fail to have heard, is behind this solution. Indeed, we are talking about the former Chief Strategy Officer of the Volkswagen Group, long among the key figures of the German giant. In recent years, the manager has left the car market to devote himself heart and soul to the new challenge.

The 50-knot electric inflatable boat

No outboard, uncompromising aft space with an XL sundeck and ease of entry into the water due to the platform surface. Fast, the c-ultra has a center console with two seats and an all-glass dashboard with a 15.6-inch Raymarine MFD Axiom for navigation and a second screen for systems monitoring, as well as a wired MOB system and the actual wheelhouse.

Options include alternative colors, a modular sundeck with two additional bow-facing seats, the addition of a bathroom and shower, a seat and table on the forward console, and a 36-liter refrigerator, Ullmann seats, radar, sonar, autopilot, wireless MOB, an entertainment system, and even solar panels on the hardtop that can be used to run home and entertainment systems.

“There are not many builders,” Michael Jost explains, “of boats that can not only build in carbon but also meet very fast development times, but the quality of construction is second to none. In addition, the hull is foil-ready, and customers can choose a foil assist system as an option, which adds more range and further promotes seakeeping.”

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The eD-TEC Propulsion

The first hull is equipped with batteries of more than 100 kWh in the slimline form of eD-TEC, providing a range of up to 30 nautical miles on a single charge. These connect via the Technology Stack and AI BOX to the eD-QDrive 1 autonomous drive units, which contain the motors, gears, and surface propellers.

The ED-Tec propulsion system

Optional extras include a set of high-performance propellers, the foil-assist system, and a jet thruster system to improve low-speed maneuverability. The drive units contain all components, are maintenance-free, and plug-and-play: the entire drive unit has only two connectors and takes less than an hour to disassemble and assemble through the boat’s transom.

In addition, the AI system enables over-the-air (OTA) updates: as the eD-TEC technology improves, the onboard system improves with it. The eD-QDrive units provide up to 400kW of peak power. The eD-QDrive 1 units were designed exclusively for the marine industry. The goal is to offer boat builders and owners simplification in terms of ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. eD-TEC is also developing a larger-capacity battery pack that will allow up to 140 kWh of batteries for even greater range and runtime and is expected to be available in the second half of 2024.



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