Eleven advantages of the electric boat


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Hinckley Dasher
Hinckley Dasher

Electric boat yes or no? More and more construction sites are focusing on the electric and on solutions based on this. In the paper issue of Barche a motore No. 10 (subscribe now! ) we have deepened the topic: here we summarize the 11 advantages of a motor boat.

Electric boat, here are the 11 advantages

1. More charging sources

Electricity, sun, water, wind, fuel cells, generators … The internal combustion engine has only one usable fuel.

2. Sufficient range

The 300 nautical miles guaranteed today already meet the typical use of motor boats.

3. No limits

They have no prohibitions on navigation in areas prohibited to internal combustion engines, such as marine protected areas. Solar-powered boats, such as the Silent Yachts catamarans, have an almost infinite range.

4. Thin batteries

Slim accumulators, developed by some companies and derived from the automotive industry, can be placed at the bottom of the hull in strategic positions to balance the boat and offer great power in small spaces.

5. Infrastructure already present on the quay

The boats already have their own recharging stations, in every marina: the electricity stations in every marina. They should be upgraded to reduce charging times.

6. Silence

Go out on a powerboat in silence, like sailing boats, and without the noise of engines is a priceless advantage that must be tried at least once in your life.

7. Zero impact

Ground power plants are subject to much stricter environmental controls than tdiesel or outboard marine engines. With the purchase of green electricity, it is possible to operate electric boats using sustainable or renewable energy

8. Flexible and adaptable

Some solar or photovoltaic panels are suitable for slightly curved surfaces and can be ordered in unusual shapes and sizes to be integrated harmoniously into the project.

9. Less weight, more space

Even the heaviest and bulky batteries (the traditional lead- acid batteries) are no more burdensome on the displacement of the diesel engine, the tanks and the accessories they can replace.

10. Without transmission

Electric motors can prevent transmission and connecting gears to transfer engine power to the propeller. Placing engine and propeller in a pod that also serves to maneuver being able to rotate on its own axis.

11. Inboard or outboard?

The choice for the owner is identical to that of traditional engines. As for power, outboards reach 30HP (22 kW) ehile inboards can deliver up to 100HP (74kW).



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