Electric outboards, will E-Motion 180 (180 hp) be the most powerful in the world?


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The E-motion 180 electric outboard
The E-motion 180 electric outboard

The electric outboard is a hot topic. There are many companies engaged in the race to go electric for recreational boating, and outboards certainly represent one of the most attractive products in the market. Leaving aside the many points that could be made about the current state of electric for recreational boating, which we will explore in more detail in the next issue of Boats by Motor, today we look at what promises to be the most powerful electric outboard in the world, at least for now. It is called E-Motion 180 and is developed by the company Vision Marine, which on its website describes itself as the first electric boat company to be listed on Nasdaq.

E-Motion 180: the most powerful?

Will E-Motion 180 be the world’s most powerful electric outboard with its 180 horsepower? Surpassing Evoy, the 150-horsepower electric outboard, by 30 horsepower, E-Motion 180 aims to position itself as the world’s most powerful mass-produced electric outboard. This is because marine electric motors exceeding even 180 horsepower have actually already been developed, although they have not yet found serial production.

E-Motion 180, how much does it cost

That said, let’s move on to see what E-Motion 180, which the company calls the most powerful outboard in the world, will look like. The E-Motion 180 consists of a 650-volt electric motor, a 60-kilowatt lithium battery pack, and a 220-volt marine connection charger, with throttle controls, a monitor. An article in Forbes.com also revealed the price of the complete package: $79,000, in which the $27,000 engine is included.

Thus, the purchase figures still remain “monstrous” when compared with a conventional heat engine. For initial development, the company has an agreement with Limestone Boat Co, which, as Forbes also reports, has indicated that it plans to sell 50 percent of its annual production (500 boats) with electric motors. The other small consideration, from a strictly economic point of view, lies in the fact that electric motors require much less maintenance. Between fuel costs and maintenance compared to a heat engine, according to the company that will produce E-Motion 180, savings of up to 90 percent can be achieved. Certainly the obstacle of initial purchase, combined with the still limited range, means that this solution still has several critical issues. As of now, a sailing video of the outboard is available on the company’s website, and pre-orders are already open.


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