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10 December 2019
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Torqeedo Deep Blue R25

Torqeedo Deep Blue R25


Even in small outboards, the electric is now becoming a real alternative to fossil fuel engines.

Torqeedo Deep Blue R25 – Aquawatt Green Thruster

If the only number that you consider is the purchase price you don’t even see them. However, electric outboards are a true alternative.
This is demonstrated by the double choice: the Austrian Aquawatt or the German Torqeedo. Comparable to a 40 horsepower internal combustion engine, they both guarantee a very low usage cost. The Austrian model is more oriented towards performance while the German one focuses on the autonomy.

Torqeedo Deep Blue is the first high-power propulsion system in serial production. A fully integrated system in which all components are designed to match each other seamlessly and to work together perfectly on the water. An overall concept that is unique in terms of safety, performance and range. It features a 9-year warranty on battery bank.

Electric outboard motor Aquawatt Green Thruster is a water-cooled three-phase induction motor for high thrust. Digital motor controller. All relevant parts are made of sea water resistant aluminium or stainless steel. For professional use in fresh and salt water. For single lever control only.


Specifications of engine: Deep Blue R25

  • Builder: Torqeedo
  • Engine: Electric – Propulsive power in-out kW: 27.6-16.2
  • Maximum speed: 17-24 knts
  • Battery: BMW i3
  • Weight: 139 kg (without battery)
  • Price: 21,775 euro

Specifications of engine: Green Thruster

  • Builder: Aquawatt
  • Engine: Electric – Propulsive power in-out kW: 26-22
  • Maximum speed: 22 knts
  • Battery: Lithium battery 80 V 160-600 Ah or 7 x 12 V = 84 V AGM from 150 Ah
  • Weight: 94 kg
  • Price: 14,496 euro


Aquawatt Green Thruster

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