Elvene Amber is the 100% electric boat with unlimited range


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Elvene Boats - Amber - Side View
Elvene Boats – Amber – Side View

Think of being able to sail your boat through any sea without ever having to stop for refueling. Nor to recharge the batteries. It can be done with Amber, a boat just over 6 meters long and covered with solar panels, made by the Finnish boatyard Elvene Boats. In fact, it is avirtually autonomous vessel because it is powered by the sun’s energy.

The shipyard that has set its sights on wanting to build such a boat is based in Pietarsaari, Finland, just a few kilometers from sailboat giant Nautor Swan, which has recently launched into the motor market as well. The idea behind it was clear from the start: to make a self-sufficient boat using solar energy. The project certainly has in its foundations some reasons regarding sustainability and environmental concern, but it also wants to solve some structural problems that “green alternatives” currently have in the nautical field, such as the lack of a widespread network for charging electric boats.

The theory behind the Elvene Boats project.

Elvene Boats - Amber - Render
Elvene Boats – Amber – Render

The design of the boats for Elevene therefore started from the question. “what is the best technology to self-power a boat”? The only viable answer at present is “harnessing the sun’s energy,” and so the site has studied all the popular alternatives, among which we find monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin-film cells. Then there is the alternative perovskite (a mineral, but there is also its synthetic version), which has been enjoying great success lately, especially because of its low cost. Studying all these solutions, Elvene found a highly efficient yet durable solar panel with which to cover virtually every inch of his boat.

But even with regard to batteries, the shipyard wondered about the best technologies that could be applied to its boats. Given that lithium-ion technology is currently the most suitable, however, there are several alternatives. Elvene has focused on iron-phosphate chemistry for its batteries (which are thus identified by the acronym LiFePo4, lithium iron-phosphate) because it is currently the best choice in terms of safety, cost, and efficiency.

Using excess energy to power the house

Think especially of Northern Europe, where there are so many waterfront homes with private docks. How nice it would be to be able to moor one’s boat and not only recharge it from home, but also use it to power utilities at home. It is possible thanks to Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, which allows energy stored in the boat’s batteries (from solar sources) to be used for domestic uses. Abroad, it is also a popular technology in the automotive sector, where Volvo has been among the pioneering companies. Having a boat powered by solar panels with V2G technology allows you to directly use photovoltaics as a source of energy for your home, instead of mounting the panels on the roof, for example.

A boat with zero-cost propulsion

Elvene Boats - Amber - Top View
Elvene Boats – Amber – Top View

The advantages of an electric boat definitely include quietness, environmental friendliness, less technical maintenance, and more torque. With Elvene Boats, however, you have more. In fact, Amber is a boat with virtually unlimited autonomy because it uses solar energy to recharge the batteries that power its electric motor. This solves in an almost paradoxical way one of the major problems encountered by electric propulsion itself, namely the lack of charging points. Here you don’ t have to worry about how many miles you have left and where the nearest charging point is, because you have an (almost) always open filling station right above your head.

What Amber by Elvene looks like

Amber is 6.2 meters long, 2.1 meters wide and weighs just 750 kilograms. It is a day cruiser with features that allow sailing far from the coast, in safety and fun, and why not it can also turn into a weekender; in fact, in the bow we find a small cabin with a bed for two people.

Elvene Boats - Amber - View from the bow
Elvene Boats – Amber – View from the bow

The boat has very Nordic, minimal and simple lines. At the stern we find the two engines, covered by an oversize swim platform that serves to house a large solar panel (the leitmotif of this boat), while to the side are the two small walkways and bollards. The full-width bench seat slightly precedes the co-pilot’s seat, with fold-down backrest, which conceals a small locker or icebox. The console is centrally arranged and provides a configuration with two monitors and throttle, as well as the helm steering wheel, of course. This entire area-from stern to bow-is protected by a hard top entirely covered (again) with photovoltaic panels. In the bow, on the other hand, there is a small cabin, hidden by a walking surface made of photovoltaic panels that is reached via the three steps in the central tunnel.

The boat is approved to carry seven people, reaches a maximum speed of 15 knots and has two recommended cruising speeds. With the lower one-from 1 to 6 knots-the boat has a high range, with the higher one-from 11 to 15 knots-the batteries drain faster and the range drops to about 20 nautical miles.

Elvene Boats Amber – Data Sheet and Price

Length L.O.A. 6,2 m
Beam width 2,1 m
Draft Drawing 0,5 m
Max speed Max speed 15 kts
Cruising speed Cruising speed 1-6 kts / 11-15 kts
Displacement Displacement 750 kg
People Person 7
Price Price 80,000 € + VAT
Contact Contact www.elveneboats.com

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