Enea is the new electric catamaran (6 m) that speaks Italian


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Enea e-catamaran
Enea e-catamaran

The motor catamaran market has seen an incredible evolution, even toward smaller sizes than large cruisers.

From London, but with an Italian name and designer, comes Enea E-Catamaran, a personal multihull project born from the hand of Sebastiano Canto, a sailor and yacht designer who lives in London, where he is part of the studio Vitruvius Yachts, represented by the well-known designer Philippe Briand.

Enea E-Catamaran

The idea was to create an efficient boat, not particularly fast, but comfortable and with a clever layout. Catamarans, because of their shape, have low friction and, therefore, have lower consumption than a monohull.

Aeneas e-catamaran

In this case it follows that the batteries are also smaller with positive implications for both the price of the propulsion pack and the behavior in the water. An idea reminiscent of the vision of the

Frauscher’s TimeSquare 20

, but on different aesthetic lines and propulsion technology.

Enea E-Catamaran – Project

The sailing background of its designer, Sebastiano Canto, is immediately apparent from the work on the distribution of on-board weights. In the bow, in particular, there are two openings on the freeboard that allow both weight and lateral wind resistance to be reduced, acting as an “escape route” for wind pressure when we have it on the beam.

Aeneas e-catamaran
Aeneas e-catamaran

This certainly facilitates when mooring the boat, but it is also aesthetically appealing. All this, according to the plan, without affecting seaworthiness. Indeed, the shape of the bow, which makes the Enea E-Catamaran livable along its entire length, also seems to create protection over the surrounding area.


What does Aeneas look like? As a “pure” six-meter day boat with a center console, a modular island sundeck at the stern, which also converts to a table for four.

Aeneas e-catamaran
Aeneas e-catamaran

A second lounging area has been created in the bow and takes advantage of the entire beam and length of the boat. At the stern there is a fixed platform with a removable ladder, designed precisely to take advantage of all the available space on this side of the boat as well.

The particular shape and configuration then allows for significant stowage capacity on board. Last but not least, it is also possible to install a refrigerator and a small stove in the broadside.

Enea E-Catamaran – Electric Motors

Is a catamaran difficult to steer? Usually not too much, you have to get the hang of it and figure out how to handle two engines so far apart, particularly in maneuvering. Nothing impossible, however. In the case of Aeneas E-Catamaran, however, it is not wrong to say that it might be even easier. Yamaha ‘s two 3.4 kW Harmo rim drives enjoy absolute mobility especially connected to Yamaha’s control joystick. Mooring will then become a breeze without even having to touch the rudder.

At the speed level, we said it before, it’s slow going here. Top speed is around 8 knots with about 10 horsepower of thrust.

Technical Specs

Length Over All (LOA) 6.5 m
Length at waterline 6 m
Baglio Massimo 2.5 m
Fishing 0.38 m
Weight 850 kg
Contacts: info@sebastianocanto.com


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