2023 must-have accessories for energy and electricity on board


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Best boat accessories 2023 - Energy and Electricity
Best boat accessories 2023 – Energy and Electricity

Best Boat Accessories 2023 – Energy and Electricity

Electrical and electronic systems aboard boats are becoming increasingly advanced, and they are often quite energy intensive. However, there are now several solutions on the market that allow for sufficient energy on board. From generators to batteries to solar panels, there is something for boats of all sizes!

Energy aboard: VL Flex BMS and LinkUp battery monitor systems – Veratron

TOP 2023 Accessories - VL Flex BMS and LinkUp battery monitor systems Veratron
TOP 2023 Accessories – VL Flex BMS and LinkUp battery monitor systems Veratron

This kit from Veratron is the smart system for monitoring batteries. A 6-meter cable with plug and play connectors is provided in addition to the VL Flex sensor. The kit allows measurement of vital battery parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature, and obtains additional data such as state of charge, health, and range.

Variable-Speed Generator – Volvo Penta

energy aboard - Volvo Penta Variable-Speed Generator
TOP 2023 Accessories – Volvo Penta Variable-Speed Generator

Volvo Penta has launched a new range of variable-speed marine generators, a key asset in the transition to electric propulsion in marine. This new set will make it extremely easier to install modular propulsion systems with a hybrid-electric component. In fact, the new range allows not only the adaptation of existing units, but also the construction of new units and boats with significantly smaller battery packs that can recharge even on the move.

Eneon – Uflex

TOP 2023 Accessories - Eneon Uflex
TOP 2023 Accessories – Eneon Uflex

Compact, quiet and reliable, ranging from 3.2 to 40.0 kVA, Uflex’s Marine Generating Sets are researched, designed and manufactured to ensure comfort aboard any vessel. Eneon’s new series of marine generators includes quiet and reliable compact models with power ratings from 3.2 to 40 kW. The three series available are: 3000 rpm single-phase EM series, 1500 rpm single-phase EML series, and 1500 rpm three-phase ETL series. A touchscreen control panel is available to control the generator.

Solar Panels SP – Solbian

energy aboard solar panel
TOP 2023 Accessories – SP Solbian Solar Panels

Solbianflex is a company that has been designing and manufacturing flexible solar panels since 2009. These panels are lightweight and very resistant, to the most severe stresses and weather conditions, plus they are highly efficient and in fact can convert 24 percent of sunlight into electricity. The company custom designs the best panel in terms of size and load for each client and each boat.

Energy aboard: Combimaster – Mastervolt

TOP 2023 Accessories - Combimaster Mastervolt
TOP 2023 Accessories – Combimaster Mastervolt

With the CombiMaster inverter/charger, the automatic AC transfer system “switches” between the generator or grid output and the inverter output, ensuring a constant power supply and long-lasting power range. The CombiMaster can be interfaced with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA 2000, enabling a wide range of monitoring and system integration options. The advanced charger and super quiet inverter allow for the best within one compact device.

Dynamica Mini 120 – Saim

energy aboard - Dynamica Mini 120 Saim
TOP 2023 Accessories – Dynamica Mini 120 Saim

The Dynamica Mini 120 Variable Speed generator developed by Saim generates up to 12 kW and is the recommended solution for cruising boats over 15 meters in size. It is compact and can provide modulated power, so it consumes and emits less because it generates only the required energy. The system is managed by an inverter, which has smaller motor and less heat exchange with the surroundings than a fixed-rpm generator.



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