Axopar – Marine Lots Court

Axopar – Marine Lots Court

Axopar is the revelation shipyard of recent years. Corte Lotti Marine is the official dealer in Italy for the Axopar shipyard.

Since 2014, the Finnish shipyard has been grinding out record numbers. In 2019, turnover stood at 60 million euros and the shipyard sold well over 2,500 boats in 70 countries. The demand is such that the goal is to reach an annual production of 1,000 units. And to think that it all started not in the last century, but just a few years ago.

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Axopar Italy – Corte Lotti Marine

Corte Lotti Marine is a company born from the experience of those who have lived their whole lives on a yacht. Behind it is Andrea Lotti, who has turned his business into a real passion that he passes on, daily, to his clients. In an increasingly selective market, Corte Lotti Marine has identified excellent performance boats with hulls suitable for fishing and fun, designed for a discerning and experienced clientele that is not swayed by current fashions. Axopar best represents all these characteristics in a young, modern and sporty mix.

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Secrets of Axopar

Where does Axopar’s success come from? There are several factors that have contributed to the success of the shipyard: the flexible approach, the ability to meet the needs of nautical users. Then there are the people whose expertise, passion and experience.

Last but not least is the boat: born on a truly innovative ship platform, with a double-step hull combined with a very attractive, yet out-of-the-box design, it was immediately appreciated for its marine qualities and high maneuverability. Finally, having developed a proposal that took into account different levels of configuration, a wide range of options, and a particularly favorable starting price enabled the shipyard to win immediate attention among boating enthusiasts worldwide.

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