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Only on you can find many exclusive products and gadgets signed Sailing Newspaper and Powerboats is the boating and outdoor-related concept store where a sportsman and a “sealover” can find the best products for him and his boat. Products carefully selected by a staff of experts and thus of certified quality. Most importantly, on Boatique you can find exclusive “limited edition” gadgets and accessories signed by Giornale della Vela or the top quality on the market. Boatique does not aim to be just a “shipchandler” store but rather projects the nautical user to a new concept of shopping, related to the use of products not only at sea but also in the mountains, or why not, in the city. Navigating the platform is super easy, the products are divided into intuitive sections, and the latest arrivals are always well highlighted so that every user can stay up to date with all the news. In the “for the boat” section, for example, find the best products and accessories for your ‘beloved,’ from anchoring to flags, first aid to electronics, water toys to mooring. In the “for you” section, on the other hand, a selection of the best items for him, her, and even your four-legged friends to take on board awaits you, as well as eyeglasses, knives products for fishing, personal gear, and more. Also unique is the “smart accessories” section, which features only items that make life at sea easier. The Boatique project is constantly updating and evolving to grow more and more in members (who enjoy personalized discounts) and in the products offered.


These unique and stylish sunglasses made from marine plywood scraps are ingenious, aren’t they? The idea comes from Zen, which has a full range of glasses for all tastes. Their peculiarity is that they are handmade and therefore unique, the lenses are polarized and coated in such a way as to increase visibility during sun exposure, and are designed to reduce the sun’s reflections on surfaces, such as light spikes between sea waves. Another huge “benefit” for sea-goers is buoyancy, thanks to the wooden structure.


With Oji Nautic today you can drink water directly from your boat’s tanks! The water disinfection and purification system works by means of a UVC-ray filtration system. UVC radiation disinfection complements or replaces traditional filtration solutions by eliminating any trace of bacteria, viruses or germs potentially present in boat tank water. If you also want to remove solids from your water, you can purchase the kit with the filter directly.


This half sailor that rolls up when not in use measures just 11 x 12 centimeters, including the hook at its end that folds into a hole inside.

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