Carlo Riva Harbor

Safe, technological and sustainable. It is the marina of the future of boating

The project concerning the Carlo Riva Port of Rapallo, a historic private tourist port opened in 1975, is an infrastructural redevelopment and real estate development operation managed by the Bizzi & Partners group that consists of the reconstruction, following the destruction of the port by the 2018 storm surge, of the breakwaters and the sea and land works inside the port. Bizzi & Partners’ initiative aims to create an innovative, sustainable port that is open to the future challenges of boating and the region, centered on safety and quality services. The project consists of the reconstruction of the piers, the complete reconstruction of the shoreline works, the construction of two restaurants, bars, and boating-specific commercial spaces, including major brands in the industry, and food-related activities with onboard delivery services. Work on the reconstruction of structural works to defend the port and the city of Rapallo was completed at the end of 2022 with all quality parameters met and the work fully functional. With 1,600 tetrapods of twenty tons each, 170,000 tons of reefs, and the construction of a 7-meter sea-level breakwater wall, Rapallo’s Carlo Riva harbor is defended by a massive, state-of-the-art structure well above legal standards. The choice of Bizzi & Partners was to create a work that could also respond to the consequences of climate change. Attention to the environment is also central to the new Port of Rapallo: in the reconstruction of the port infrastructure after the events of 2018, special attention was also paid to the protection of local marine flora and fauna in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment.


The port

Porto Carlo Riva in Rapallo is now a technologically advanced marina that aligns with the new demands of recreational boating, with a larger boat size, and also consistent with the needs of electric propulsion, equipped with charging stations for cars and boats. Among the tourist services it offers to boaters are free wifi for boaters, restaurant, bar, ice cream parlor, clothing stores, boat services, conciergerie, grocery store, and security guard.

Porto Carlo Riva Rapallo
Porto Carlo Riva Rapallo

Where it is located – Liguria (Rapallo)

Its central location in the Tigullio Gulf makes it easy to reach Liguria’s most famous destinations from Portofino to Cinque Terre. The marina is then a convenient base for cruises to Corsica and Sardinia.

Useful info

Phone: 331 8095707
Total no. of places: 250
Length meters max: 60
Pesc. max: 5 meters

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