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David Insurance: the best policy and personalized advice

Have you ever thought of changing insurance policies? Not sure who to insure your new boat with? Would you like to have an exclusive, free consultation? Obviously with the goal of having the best price and guarantees in the market? Marine insurance is the stuff of experts, and David Assicurazioni is a Milan-based broker that has had a strong “aquatic vocation” since 1971 and has singled out this area to make it a flagship of its insurance consulting.



David Insurance: the story

Established in 1971 and now operating under the commercial brand name David Insurance Brokers, it has almost half a century of insurance experience in the Milan market and has established close ties with the local area. Focusing its development on high-profile clients, David Assicurazioni today is able to offer its services to differentiated targets, from individuals to professionals to small and medium-sized enterprises.

David Insurance

With a single objective towards its clients: to propose the best price/quality combination thanks to the independence resulting from its profile as a broker and the close working relationships with multiple prestigious Companies at the national level and with solid insurance brokerage entities at the international level. A key success factor in ensuring customer satisfaction is then the proper handling of the claim. At David Assicurazioni, great experience enables us to establish a proper relationship between the referring company and our negotiating officer so that the client gets the best possible result, relieving him in toto of personal duties.

David Insurance, a truly comprehensive proposal

The formulas offered by David Insurance cover the boat anytime, anywhere. Whether sailing, stationary at the dock or ashore. Damage to the boat resulting from bad weather and a wide variety of causes (such as collision with semi-submerged objects) or occurring in an unprotected roadstead are situations that are often excluded unless specifically called out in the policy-David Insurance includes them instead among the automatic supplementary guarantees for sailors. For even more peace of mind, with the “machinery” extension to the basic policy you will also be reimbursed in the event of engine damage, whatever it may be and not just from obstruction of the cooling system (a clause already included).

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