Douglas Marine

Quality and safety at sea for 47 years

Douglas Marine manufactures a wide range of accessories to meet all boating needs

Founded in 1976, Douglas Marine has the distinction of being the company that pioneered the introduction of the use of stainless steel in the nautical field, as well as being the first to make compression mooring dampers, thus going on to revolutionize the entire nautical industry. In a market environment dense with competitors, the historic company from Segrate, in the province of Milan, wanted to patent all the numerous designs introduced in the industry, both in the mooring and anchoring fields, securing the lead in innovation and solution. In order to be able to offer more and more quality service to its customers, Douglas Marine then takes care of the entire production process of all its items, from the raw material to the finished product, thanks in part to the availability for use of a wide range of machinery, much of it of its own invention. All this, combined with the multiple tests it has carried out, proves the quality of its totally Made in Italy marine products, as well as allowing for great versatility in following and meeting the specific needs of the shipbuilding industry. Today so Douglas Marine is the world’s leading manufacturer of mooring devices, with a range of shock absorbers for boats from 1 to 900 tons, as well as being one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel anchor couplings and barrel profiles. Products reach more than 95 nations, and customer service is ready to assist customers anywhere on the globe.


They are the best shock absorbers on the market thanks to the high-strength line ideal for boats up to 40 meters that is the result of years of research, testing and experience. Douglas Marine was the first to introduce the use of elastomers in mooring dampers, with an international patent. The devices provide progressive cushioning action, have an internal end stop and do not require restraining chain.


Douglas Marine’s spring-body shock absorber series also has a gimbaled variant that, thanks to an articulated head that is free to rotate on ball bearings, prevents it from torsion failure by allowing the spring to work at its best regardless of the angle of pull. The gimbaled variant is already equipped with stainless shackles for installation.


To complete the mooring line, Mooring Belts are the perfect solution as a replacement for regular chains. These mooring straps do not rust, make no noise, and are light and clean allowing them to be carried along during transfers. Due to the type of yarn and warp, they guarantee a high breaking load, higher than Ø14mm stainless chains. In addition, special molded plastic reinforcements protect the belt at the contact part with the mooring point, ensuring high durability.

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