Exit Carbon

The strongest and most durable bathing ladders

These are the ones offered by Exit Carbon and made of carbon fiber, elegant and lightweight

Exit Carbon’s full range of carbon fiber swim ladders offers the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and style for a seamless boating experience.
Staircases are fully customizable, allowing users to combine different modules when and where they need them or to configure their chosen staircase as if it were a custom-made product. Carbon is lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel, and resistant to rust. For example, among the brand’s diverse offerings, Miro is the ideal ladder for universal comfort during bathing.
In contrast, the Dali model offers a carbon alternative to the standard stern ladder, weighing only 5 kg for the 5-step model and 50 cm wide. It can be left on the swim platform, ready to be used while sailing, or easily detached from the boat by pulling the two spring-loaded side pins, leaving only two small brackets. Perfect then at anchor are the classic Giotto ladders. Featuring 80 cm high pool handles, they are available in 6 different widths and lengths, from 3 to 10 steps. The innovative two-part configuration offers three different length options for the price of one.
Its folding variant allows the lower 4 steps to be easily lifted out of the water during navigation without removing the ladder from its accessories. Giotto Folding can be configured from 4 to 7 steps and can be left installed while sailing, providing an effortless yachting experience.


Exit Carbon’s entire range of carbon fiber ladders-above the Dali and below the Giotto-are fully customizable to offer each individual owner the solution tailored to his or her boat.


For universal comfort when stopping at sea to take a dip, Miro is the ideal ladder. With 35 cm high handles, the visual impact is not too different from that of the typical boating swim ladder, but with the comfort of 6 cm diameter steps and the prestige of pre-impregnated, autoclave-cured carbon fiber. Miro is available in 7 different widths, from 35 to 65 cm, and lengths from 3 to 6 steps. It can be installed not only on flat platforms, but also on a parapet, providing versatility and supreme comfort during anchorage stops.

Exit Carbon
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