Fathom by Navico Group

Unprecedented power and performance at sea

Fathom e-Power System is the innovative proposal from Navico Group, a world leader in marine systems

An integrated lithium-ion auxiliary power management system that ensures reliable power and unprecedented performance for the marine industry. It is Fathom e-Power System, a state-of-the-art solution that includes advanced digital controls and monitoring of energy consumption, making information available on demand and assuring the user of complete control. In addition, in implementing advanced integrated solutions such as Fathom and Power System, Navico Group is working to transform the sailing experience by also leveraging its new strategy ACES – Autonomy Connectivity Electrification & Shared Access, an important component of which is electrification. Thus Fathom offers reliable power control, enabling the owner to better understand and manage his or her power needs. Not only that, Fathom e-Power System is a fully vertically integrated solution that enables energy storage, power conversion, and digital monitoring and control by combining the powerful components offered by Navico Group’s industry-leading brands, including Mastervolt, BEP, CZone®, Ancor, and Blue Sea®. The system enables users to extend their browsing time away from the charging source through increased battery capacity and effective management of the electrical system. Finally, an intuitive user interface allows boat on/off monitoring via multifunction display or from mobile via smart devices.vAvailable in customizable 12 V, 24 V and 48 V kits, Fathom is designed to integrate into a wide range of boats and beyond. “Our kits are designed to simplify electrification for our shipyard partners,” explained Brett Dibkey, president of Navico Group. “Lithium-ion batteries for marine applications have received a significant boost over the past decade,” added Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “They last longer, recharge faster, have a smaller weight and footprint, and save time and money in the long run while minimizing negative impact on the environment.


Key features of the Fathom e-Power System include: simplified access to information, such as monitoring power consumption from on-board equipment to enable energy savings; intuitive interface that presents battery status; alerts and guides for optimal charging with customized preferences; ability to eliminate noise, fumes, and problems from traditional generators; and the ability to have customizable kits for seamless integration with optional add-ons designed to enhance the system.


Available in customizable 12 V, 24 V and 48 V kits, the Fathom e-Power System is designed to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of recreational boats and offers a simplified experience for boat owners. Hardware and software elements are tested and validated to ensure compatibility with third-party hardware as well. Fathom’s intuitive interface presents battery status with easy-to-understand modes and includes a handy indicator regarding “time to exhaustion.”

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