Flavio Gioia Nautical Base

The perfect port in the historic heart of the city (just a step away from Pontine and Flegree)

In Gaeta, a beautiful city overlooking the southern coast of Lazio, there is a port that has almost sixty years of history and is the strategic reference point for recreational boating in the center of the Mediterranean: the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base, founded in 1966 by Egeo Vittorio Simeone: equidistant from Rome and Naples, a few miles from the Pontine Islands and the Flegree Islands, the port is equipped with capillary services and all the amenities for every type of boat. Since 1991 the base has been a Blue Flag recognized by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for its commitment to and sharing of parameters of environmental eco-sustainability.

The port

The marina has 200 berths in the water (and 250 ashore on trolleys for boats up to 5 m, with rapid hauling and launching service).capable of accommodating boats up to 80 m in length. In addition to being located in a position already sheltered by the Cape of St. Anthony, the landing place is protected by a breakwater of about 200 m. The pier dedicated to superyachts has 22T mooring deadbodies that ensure safe anchorage points. The superyacht dock is equipped with a video surveillance system and is reserved exclusively for clients and crews. Car parking spaces are located a few meters away from the gangways. Dockside services range from standard ones (power, water, fuel, dockside bunkering, multi-length conciergerie, ecological islands, ship chandler, nautical clothing store, restaurant) to those available upon request (diving assistance, inspection and cleaning of hulls, disposal of special waste…). The Flavio Gioia Nautical Base has 7,000 sq. m. of areas designated for shipbuilding with highly skilled professional labor to perform high quality routine and extraordinary maintenance work, and pits for setting high draft boats. The port is also home to the Gaeta EVS yacht club, established in 2009 by a group of sailing and sea culture enthusiasts, named after Egeo Vittorio Simeone, founder of Base Nautica Flavio Gioia.

Flavio Gioia Nautical Base
Flavio Gioia Nautical Base

Where it is located – Lazio (Gaeta)

The marina, nestled in the heart of the medieval citadel (and under the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park), is located on Lungomare Giovanni Caboto, 93. It is conveniently accessible by car. To communicate with the port if arriving by sea, the VHF channel is 09.

Useful info

Phone: 0771 311013
Site: basenautica.com
Total no. of places: 250
Length meters max: 80
Pesc. max: 7 meters

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