HP Watermakers

Who we are

Since 1995, HP Watermakers has been producing a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic desalinators on a 2,500-square-meter site south of Milan, Italy. HP produces systems from 35 up to 30000 lt/h and are available in any type of voltage and for any type of use. HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and designs with the help of AUTODESK INVENTOR, all desalinators in production, taking care of every single detail, making 80% of the components of the machines in the production facilities in Zibido San Giacomo. Each individual machine is carefully assembled and tested to meet the increasingly demanding quality standards.


Company history

HP Watermakers, in over 25 years of operation, has distinguished itself in the reverse osmosis watermaker market by patenting and introducing effective and unique automation systems and advanced technical solutions that make the machines fully automatic.

1997 First desalinator equipped with automatic membrane washing.
2002 First desalinator with automatic pressure regulation (RP TRONIC®). Since those years, those who purchase an RP TRONIC system have a 3-year warranty on the entire system.
2004 First desalinator with automatic winterization (AMCS)
2008 First desalinator equipped with 31540 membranes (HP standard) to replace standard ones, reducing space and costs in both production and sales
2018 First tele-controlled desalinator (BiBi®). Those who install a tele-controlled system have a 4-year warranty on the system and premium priority service
2019 First watermaker interfaced to onboard plotter systems (Raymarine – Garmin)
2020 Launch of Part-NET Interface – First and only watermaker interfaced with Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno and Navico)
2021 Launch of HP SCA – First desalinator with 31530 membranes. 2021 – Launch of HP MWT – Dockside water treatment system.


For the construction site

HP Watermakers starts with the design of the systems and although it is a small family business, it produces in-house 80 percent of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components of the machines it assembles, sells and services directly or through the service network. Therefore, it is able to be able to provide the following services:

– 2D and 3D drawings, and possible dedicated custom design and manufacturing
– Supply of facilities on time from scheduled orders and maintenance of a dedicated stock to meet unscheduled supply emergencies.
– Plant and parts recognition system with bar code for better inventory management
– In-house HP technician dedicated to site supplies and all aspects of support
– Free technical training courses for site technicians and captains
– Worldwide service network
– Standard intervention within 48 hours
– 3-year warranty on RP TRONIC® full auto implants
– 4-year warranty on systems equipped with BiBi® remote control.


For the owner

HP Watermakers through its sales and service network guarantees prompt and professional service by trained technicians who will be able to assist skippers and owners at their vessel in comfort.


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