Desalinators that don’t leave you high and dry

With long experience in the industry, Idromar is the ideal partner to choose the right plant

Since its establishment in 1982, Idromar has been among the world’s most highly regarded companies for the production of marine desalinators. The choice, successful from the beginning, was to create desalinators that are easy to use and manage. Users are able to operate their desalinator independently, thanks in part to the presence of a control panel for remote operation, as well as an automatic flushing system.
These devices are also divisible into three parts so as to manage and optimize the on-board space dedicated to installation. For example, it is possible to mount the body with membranes in the dinette and the high-pressure pump in the engine compartment. Idromar has also always focused on the versatility of its facilities. That is why the available models are basically divided into 4 ranges that meet different user needs. Mini Compact is the line dedicated to smaller vessels, with all alarm devices. These are systems that have output ranges from 65 to 180 liters/hour that are available in horizontal or vertical installation. Mini Compact Senior includes 4 models of desalinators perfect for large boats, with hourly outputs of up to 625 liters.
Top is the line dedicated to those vessels on which there is expected to be intensive use of the desalinator. Reliability is due to the high technology and quality of components, comprehensive instrumentation, and easy operation and maintenance. Finally, Duplex is a system, feasible for the Compact and Top ranges, that allows two desalinators to be combined into a single system.



These systems are small and efficient able to fit into the tightest spaces due to their complete decomposability.


The 4 models of the Senior series, while still maintaining small size and low power consumption, are the immediate response to a demand for machines that are increasingly reliable, simple and capable of working at a fast pace.



This compact and modular plant integrates 2 plants in one frame with simultaneous or independent operation. The ability to install the prefeeding pumps and membranes separately from the main unit greatly reduces the footprint.



With freshwater production ranging from 65 to 180 It/h, the MINI COMPACT series is Idromar’s proposal for medium to small boats (15 to 25 meters), where intensive and continuous use is not always necessary.

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