INDEMAR is a long-standing distributor of innovative technical components for the marine industry as well as for the industrial vehicle and operating machinery sectors. Starting as a small trading company in 1972, INDEMAR has now become a benchmark for the Italian and European industry in these fields. Our success stems from the passion, determination andinsight of those who, over the course of nearly half a century, have helped establish us.


Passion and expertise in the service of boating

Over the years INDEMAR has experienced a period of steady growth. Passion, commitment, technical expertise and the ability to innovate have enabled us to obtain a product catalog that is probably unmatched in the industry.

These achievements commit us to become even more competitive in both traditional distributed product marketing and parallel manufacturing activities. In fact, it should be emphasized that INDEMAR has given its group a structure that allows adequately invest in each of our three activities: own production aimed at the industrial and agricultural machinery sector, distribution of marine products, and distribution of products for industrial vehicles and operating machinery.

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